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I am looking for a place to do the printing for black & white photos on a resin coated paper. That would provide a good surface to do handcoloring on the photos

-- Andrea Mcnul (, February 19, 2001


Your local adult ed, tech school, art school ect should have classes in your area.

-- Scott Walton (, April 04, 2001.


Most of the resin coated papers don't provide a good surface for hand coloring. Luminos claims one of their RC papers (I think it's RCR Art) is good for handcoloring, but I've used it and find it extremely lacking. The best surfaces for hand coloring are going to be the matte finish fiber based papers. As Scott suggested, check your local schools/universities, or telephone directory for darkroom rental. You may also want to ask around at some of the larger photo labs; employees there can often point you in the right direction.


-- Pete Caluori (, April 11, 2001.

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