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Your vote is needed!!!

A.M.E. Today has just moved into the voting stage of its First Annual A.M.E. Today Founder's Day Essay Contest. The essays have been written and are online. The voting mechanism also is online. Read the essays and then cast a vote for the one you think is best. It is blind balloting, the writers' names will not be revealed until after the voting concludes at midnight (Pacific Time) on Feb. 28.

This group down here in the discussion catacombs probably is the most interactive grouping you can find on A.M.E. Today, so I figured I would venture down to encourse you, the advance guard of A.M.E. Today, to also take the lead in reading through the compositions and casting your vote for the one you determine to be best.

From a technical viewpoint, the ballots are set so each computer can only submit one vote, so make your vote count!

You can reach the Essay Contest here.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001


Rev. Fisher thank you for providing an opportunity to read and vote on the essays. All were truly wonderful and inspiring. As I was reading the essays I kept saying to myself these are our present day AME leaders. Our denomination will live on because of their passion for this church. I encourage everyone to read the essays the young people pointed out eloquently that the legacy of Richard Allen still thrives today. If you want a wonderful treat read the essays and perhaps discuss the topic in your church. Proud to be AME!!

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

oops I was so excited after reading the essays I forgot to sign my name. The above post is from Rev. Denise Rogers

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

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