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This doesn't necessarily require an answer. It's for your edification.

QUIZ: How spiritually old are you? This is not connected to your physical age, and is only loosely connected to how long you've been saved. Rate of growth is up to you.

Baby: Easily upset, clumsy, selfish, throws tantrums, must be catered to, consumes soft food and milk, light swats from Father produce agonized howls.

Child: Capable of simple tasks, can be trusted with low level jobs, must be corrected regularly, eats meat but can be prone to junk food, discipline is sterner because they should know better.

Adult: Can perform most tasks well, strong, mature, the work horse, mistakes are rare and readily admits it when wrong, produces new babys and instructs them, can make their own healthy meals.

Grandparent: A veteran of many tasks in many fields of endeavor, counselor, leader, children have produced offspring of their own, produces big family dinners with many delicious dishes.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2001

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