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Published Saturday, February 17, 2001

Vikings talking to linebacker Wong Kevin Seifert / Star Tribune

The Vikings have initiated contract talks with middle linebacker Kailee Wong, his agent confirmed Friday. Steve Baker called the discussions "very preliminary." Even so,they signal that Wong is one of the players the Vikings plan to rebuild their defense around. In his first season at middle linebacker, he led the team with 134 tackles. Wong, 24, is a restricted free agent, meaning the Vikings can match any offer made to him when free agency begins March 2. They can sign him to a long-term deal or give him a first-round tender of $1.115 million.

The Vikings defense could have as many as six new starters next season, as defensive end John Randle, nose tackle Tony Williams, linebacker Dwayne Rudd, free safety Orlando Thomas and possibly linebacker Ed McDaniel are all candidates to be set loose in the coming months.

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-- Kevan Thomas (, February 18, 2001


This is unbelievable. Taking the worst of the LB's and bulding around him. I personally think Wong SUCKS, he's not much better than Brady in my opinion. Couple this with Soloman taking over the LB's and it's not looking very promising. Wong would be the first LB I'd release. I know Rudd had an off season but he shows much more potential than Wong.

-- Kevan Thomas (, February 18, 2001.

I disagree,Wong is a good MLB. It was a new posistion for him and he still lead the team in tackles. I like Rudd too and maybe he did have an off year but he did'nt make many plays. ED Mac is still a solid LB also but he will be released because of age and$$$$. LB posistion was not our problem last year as you know. CB's SUCKED and NO DL. The offensive line was into our LB's so fast because we are so small up front. I say RE-SIGN WONG!! GO VIKES!!!!!!

-- Tom (, February 18, 2001.

Kevan, you know how I feel about Wong. Just further proof that Dennis Green has no idea as to what he wants to do on the defensive side of the ball. Wong is more out of place at MLB then George Will in Harlem.

-- Iz (, February 21, 2001.

Kevan, IZ you know Kailee Wong will be at the SCVC Dinner coming up, I know you two would love a chance to tell him in person what you think of him, Maybe if he holds still I can get a picture of you two kicking his ass in the parking lot!

-- Ralph (, February 21, 2001.

MEDIA: Star-Tribune March 18, 2001

Denny Green has promoted Richard Solomon to the new post of "Director of Security of MLB's." Green annointed Solomon to this post after MLB Kailee Wong was found beaten up at a Viking dinner in California on March 17th. Wong was quoted as saying "I could have taken those guys if only my DL had held them up first."

-- Bruce (, February 22, 2001.

Seriously, what does everyone think of this guy? I think he is horrible, he is out of position on the field just about every play. He is the only MLB I have ever seen who gets the vast majority of his tackles 10 yards downfield. I have seen him on numerous occasions get planted squarely on his ass by offensive linemen and even a couple of fullbacks. What's his deal? I know it was his first year as a MLB ever, but he sucked as a SLB as well. Is Denny sticking with him because of his Stanford ties? I personally think Jeff Brady was more effective, Wong is the worst MLB I can ever remember seeing on the Vikings (Studwell, Berry, Del Rio, Brady, McDaniel). I thought Wong was the biggest reason our Defense faded down the stretch, teams started to really exploit him with the passes to his zone and the runs through his gaps. I know most people think our sorry D-Line and DB's were to blame, and they were as well, but I thought with the exception of the three headed monster of Serwanga, Wright and Dishman that Wong was the weakest link on our D this season, despite his bogus tackling totals (Pile ons and ten yard gainers).

-- Iz (, February 22, 2001.

IZ, in answer to your question....I think he sucked buttermilk! But, I have graciously decided to hold off making a decision on that until next year. This was his first year at MLB in Denny's "all offense-no defense" system, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. And Ralph, send me a picture if you do get one of those 2 pounding on Wong in the parking lot. Also, why don't you post that on the other board where Tara can see it? I'm sure she'll get a kick out of that. LOL

-- Dan (, February 23, 2001.

IZ unfortunately my opinion of Mr. Wong doesn't count, Denny and his staff have a lot of faith in him so much so that they plan to build the defense around him! Go figure! Oh I agree with you though at times he has shown flashes of looking like a middle linebacker but those flashes don't seem to last long. The guy in the middle should be a force to reckon with but even his name Kailee sends the Wong message. Hi Dan sorry but I haven't been to the other board all that much but I do miss Tara, My little American Beauty maybe we can send her one of those pic's.

-- Ralph (, February 25, 2001.

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