*** To All Marpers: playback warning for m37b12 and Qsound

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There are adverse playback issues if you use the fixed version or non fixed version of the official mame binary for the new qsound games. Please state the version you recorded with when you upload. So far all the games i've tried to playback only playback on the fixed or nonFixed mame version of which they were recorded with.

We may decided to only accept one of these versions, probably the fixed one. But untill then please mention which version you have recored with "Fixed" or "Not Fixed/origonal" 37b12.

You should know which version you downloaded because the fixed mame binary zip file will have a "_fix.zip" at the end of the filename, if it didn't please state you've uploaded a non fixed mame recording.


-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), February 18, 2001


When I discovered what happened, I immediatly added a fixed line to the submission list (m37b12f) - sorry to the person I DQed on the ssf2 recording. GB9

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), February 18, 2001.

What's the difference between those fixed and unfixed versions? Wich one should we use for recordings? I think we should use the fixed cause the unfixed is no longer available at mame site...

-- ufox (pedromag@e247.com), February 18, 2001.

Both of them should be ok to use now that we have to entries in the list, but please make sure you know which one you are recording with. Fixed is probably better but "fixed Qsound games" could mean "broken other games".

Here's a rule of thumb: any version is fine to use as long as you tell us what settings/version you've used and can reliably -playback your own recordings with it.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), February 18, 2001.

I should add that any tournament edition of mame is prefered above all others, i.e. m35tg3 and future versions. Using a tournament edition of mame tells us you're not affraid of having your recordings scrutinized to the utmost extent and thus probably a more honest game recorder/player. Unfortunatley there's not a tournament edition that plays the newer games passed mame35final, but hopefully there will be soon.

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), February 18, 2001.

These are the changes to the fixed MAME beta 12 binary as far as I know: - Fixed the loading of samples in CPS-2 QSound games. This alone would have no affect on playbackability (that's a word?) - Enabled the ASM 68K CPU core. This is very likely to affect all 68K-based. This will probably affect all 68K based games (except 68020 games (Taito-F3, Psikyo), that is separate now, and still C- based) - Fixed the accidental breaking of Neo Geo games. They should all work now.

So any 68000 or 68010 based games recorded in the first beta 12 is highly unlikely to work in the fixed beta.

Hope this clears it up somewhat.

-- Barry Rodewald (bsr@hnpl.net), February 18, 2001.

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