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For the last 4 years the Lord has used me in the realm in the Prophetic, in which I see and hear things of the Spirit world. I am used often as an instrument of deliverance in the area of casting out demons from persons. My question is broken down in 6 parts: 1. What is your view on deliverance and is this occuring in your local assembly? 2. As the use of witchcraft, psychic powers and other devices of the devil are on the rise, do you feel that EVERY Christian should have an anointing to battle devils of this kind? 3. In the book of Acts, taking for the account of the "Sons of Sceva" the demons spoke to these men, "Jesus I know Paul I know but who are you?" And after the demon exposed the sons, tore them apart running in the street naked. 4. Are we as a body of believers, battling with no power behind us, thus these demons are ripping us apart? Meaning, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in which we all belong to, should, when we see homosexuality, lust, perversion, witchcraft, murder, etc. we should have the power to cast the spirit out? 5. From the time of the Apostles where signs and wonders followed them to this point in our history, are we doing the greater works that Jesus commissioned us to do, like casting out devils and deliverance, or have we lost something from Apostles until now? 6. Last question, in your opinion, do you feel that demonic influences are made up stories and something like doesn't exist?

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2001


1. Deliverance from demons will be needed at some time, but with few exceptions it shouldn't be the focus of a ministry. It can develop into a distraction from the harvest. Like praying for the sick, it's just one of the things Christians do. I've never been involved in a demonic deliverance, but my pastor has many times. Still, I rarely pray without binding some principality or power as a small part of my communication with God Very God. Ex: Pray for healing, and bind the sickness.

2. I believe as the last days progress we'll need this more. The more trained warriors the better. I had a friend who was possessed, but at the time I was too young a Christian to recognize it, let alone do anything about it. I wonder what happened to him. This should be part of the advanced training of all God's soldiers, given after basic discipleship.

3. Is there a question here? I missed it. It does show the Spirit and authority need to be in YOU. You can't loan it to someone.

4. If you are truly saved you have the Authority of the Name. This is all you need, but how many Christians know this? Not enough I fear, and it defeats us. The Christian life is a race, and there are strong racers and weak racers, but every Christian IS IN the race even if they're injured, sitting, sleeping, or running backward. The better racer you are, the better you'll be at defeating your enemy. This comes through coaching (teaching) and strength building (lotsa stuff). The answer to this question depends on how good a race a church is running.

5. Generally speaking, we don't resemble the Book of Acts in this country. The remedy to this is stated in #4 above. I believe our Asian, African, and Latin American bretheren have a better grip on this, but we'll get there. I see it all around me.

6. Nope I don't believe that. These are beings with personalities and a governmental structure. I believe they hold staff meetings to strategize on how to hammer your town and YOU! But so what? I know who Jesus is, I know who I am in Him (PTL), and I know who satan is and what his limits are. An old friend of mine used to say, "I don't believe there's a demon behind every tree. I believe there's 10 demons behind every tree, but so what? Who's bigger?"

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2001

1. Yes, I think deliverance ministry in regards to demonic spirits is necessary in the Church. 2. Every Christian should be wise concerning the wiles of the devil. He enters in in such subtile ways that if you're not on guard the manifestation of those demonic spirit will be apparent. So we have to all guard ourselves. And once delivered, fill our temples with the fruit of the spirit. The Bible clearly tells us if we don't, they will come back and bring more with them. 3. It's a spiritual battle, so if you are not filled with the Spirit of God, it behooves you not to try to play with a demon. Remember he's subtle and will enter the best way he can. You are playing with fire to think you can go into a battle without your war clothes on. He will tear you to pieces. 4. I believe churches that are not taking this deliverance from demons serious are watching some of their members get ripped apart. They are not being proactive when it comes to teaching a preaching about protection from these spirits. 5. God's power has not deminished. Now if it is not exercised, it's on us. There are some with the belief that this type of power left with the apostles. But I don't go along with that. The power is used for our good in this life. We need power to go through. Today satan is fighting just as hard if not harder because he knows his time is limited. I believe we should be prayed up and act like a physician. Practice, stay in tuned to the latest bugs, seek God on how to go about deliverance. There is a strategy demons use. So we need to never go into battle without seeking God. 6. Lastly, demonic forces are real. And we need to remember, it's not the person, but a spirit within them. Our love for man, should want to see them delivered.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2001

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