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Hi Doulas, My name is Shelly and I'd like to offer a free promotion package for a member/user of I'm a small business consultant and I am working on putting together a promotion package for birth professionals. I need someone to "test it out" and see if it works and helps their business. So, I'm offering to do it for free for one lucky doula. Send an email to me with "free promotion drawing for" in text and I'll add your name. This will be exclusive to and one winner will be chosen (on March 1st, 2001). I will only email you once confirming if you won or not, I will not use your name/address for any other purpose. All I ask is that if you win you let me know if my promotion package helped you. The package will include a web page (or a review of yours if you have one already), online promotion of the page and your practice, offline community promotion ideas and suggestions, and instruction in marketing evaluation to determine which methods work for you. I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks, Shelly

-- Shelly Lanciani (, February 17, 2001


Thanks for entering! Georgia Reynolds was the lucky winner. I have compiled all the information and suggestions onto a website and am working on promoting that now. Goodluck everyone with your doula practices.


-- Shelly Lanciani (, March 13, 2001.

I am looking for fellow Doulas to maybe swap website links with. I have a new Doula site and thought it would be nice to help those seeking a doula in their area. If they got to my site and were looking for a doula to hire in a different area. Well anyway, visit my website and see if you would be interested in a free listing. If You want to swap button or banner links, here's where you'll find mine.

You'll find my site at: A Tender Touch Doula Service Just go to the page "Find a doula" Thanks, Tina

-- Tina Busek (, August 17, 2001.

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