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I am buying a 110MM super-symmar lens. Because of the "filters touching glass" problem,I wonder if I can use a 67-72 step-up-ring without causing any vignette. Somebody recommends that 67-77 will be suitable. But I now have a 72MM PL, do I have to buy another one? Thank you.

-- MAX (, February 17, 2001


It depends. The problem is vignetting the edges of the lens with the step-up ring. If you already own the step ups try it and examine the processed images carefully. Another approach advocated by someone on this board earlier is to take a worn out 67mm filter, remove the glass and use it as a spacer between the lens and the 67mm filter. You can use 52mm filters on the rear, but some suggest that practice will reduce the acuity of the iamges. Bob

-- Bob Moulton (, February 17, 2001.

The problem with step up adapters is that there is no standard for their dimensions other than thread diam. & pitch. If you are using the lens for 4x5, most 67 to 72 adapters should work OK. Unless you are using movements beyond the 5x7 coverage this lens has, I wouldn't worry. Polarizers typically are deeper beacause of the rotating mount and so there might be a 67 that would work safely. You could test this by placing a flat wad of lens tissue over the front element and observe while screwing the filter down whether the wad gets compressed. I put 52mm B&W filters on the rear of my 110 and only use the 67 polarizer up front. Haven't had a problem doing this for the last couple of years.

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, February 17, 2001.

Max I use a 67-77mm step up ring and have had no problems even with, what I consider, extreme movements! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, February 20, 2001.

I use a 67 to 67!

Hoya makes a very thin 67mm filter that I popped the glass out of. Then I mount another filter on that. Still plenty of coverage for 4X5, plus you can always remove all the filters if it's an issue. I've also used 67 to 77 and those work fine too.

The key is to use a Hoya filter; I checked as many brands as I could, and they all are much thicker.

-- lloyd chambers (, February 20, 2001.

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