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Going through the group today, I noticed that all of this years applicants seem to have some story of the adventure they had getting their tape(s) in the mail. Since a few of you have relayed them to me off the list, I hope you will add to this thread.

Here's the official Broadcast Junkies "Post Office Story" (I promise to only embellish if it makes the story better!):

We seemed to have everything going against us this past Thursday. I was awakened from a peaceful sleep by Brunella (my wife) looking at my computer and stating "You're check hasn't been direct deposited." which is NOT the way to start your day. It was steady rain most of the day, and for every item we prepared for the presentation, we seemed to think of two more that we forgot.

At 2:45PM we finally got it all together and snapped the picture you see on our site. We then taped up the box and started the 10 minute trip to the Post Office at 2:48PM. Did I mention we had to have it there by 3PM to get it there on time??

The rain lets up and the sun starts to shine just as we pull into the Post Office Parking Lot. We run into the lobby, make our way to the window, and got it to the counter with 30 seconds to spare. As the clerk was filling out the forms, he looks down at the box and says "Junkyard Wars? Oh, man that is a good show." to which I agree. I then informed him the box contained our demo and applications. He then looks at me and says, "Hold on, I'm not suppose to do this, but since this package is going to Junkyards Wars hold on while I stop the express truck from leaving so we can get it out on the early truck." He walks in the back, tells the truck driver to wait and why and then they both come up and we discuss this past season.

The truck driver thought June with Art Attack hit below the belt in begging for parts, and the clerk was suprised that Cathy is the brains behind the whole thing. The truck driver also thought George needed to take a valium. But they both loved the show.

A little off the subject, but we met JYW fans every step of the way while getting our cannons together. It was always "I wish I could go on that show" to which I usually replied that they should put a tape together and gave them the web address.

That's my story and I sticking to it.

If you haven't found our site on another thread, please go check us out.

We'll keep updating it every step of the way. Good luck to all the teams that sent in tapes. We hope to be kicking your collective butts all over California!

The Only Way You'll Ever Know Is If You Try!

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, February 17, 2001


It was he same kind of day for all us last minute types. We had a key member cancel out, and had to start over with ten hours to work with this morning. I contacted the standby member. We got the apps. printed, filled out, got the pic shot and to the one hour place. Meanwhile we had lunch then shot the new vids, completing the shooting about 3:pm. I picked up the pics, brought the vids home (25 miles away) and edited them to the three intro's and the team explaining a machine, packaged the whole works, made it to the post office with about fifteen minutes to spare. Waddy, with the "GATOR" (Garbage Assembling Team of Rednecks) from Florida.

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 17, 2001.

So I suppose RDF is kicking themselves now. They pay Waddy well to be an "expert" on the show, and he enjoys it so much that he wants to do it again for free!

Hope to see you on Waddy!

-- Michael (Canadian P. Eng.) (, February 17, 2001.

I was paid so well for the first round that I was able to retire, and can go back for free now. Actually, the "experts" get the same as the team members, all the fun you can stand for a week, with transportation and motel paid, plus enough to not go hungry for the week. I'm sure that any one of us would be thrilled to get on the show or we wouldn't be posting here. Good luck with your team. Waddy, "Rusty's expert"

-- Waddy Thompson (, February 17, 2001.

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