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Question: Is there a way to capture TV shows from TV-tuner card with MPEG2 encoding? My card (ATI TV Wonder) will do MPEG1 capture, and I am wondering if there is way to get better real-time compression. Any ideas would be highly appreciated,



-- Val (, February 16, 2001


i just picked up the ATI radeon card and that does mpeg 1 and 2

-- Doug (, February 16, 2001.

HIya! i also have bought Radeon card! quality is outstanding. having a slight problem to which im trying to find an answer to. all im trying to do is get video tapes (VHS) and make VCDs out of them. i can capture video and audio however when captured item is played the audio is late, out of sync.anyone else had this problem?

Could anyone please offer any suggestions?



-- Gee (, February 16, 2001.

Better to get a Dazzle DVC2. Inexpensive and has hardware encoding. Any Software MPEG-2 encoders pretty much suck. Plus for Software MPEG- 2 encoding, you need a very fast PC

-- MrVCD (, February 19, 2001.


Are you judging the sync on playback using ATI's File Player?

If you are, you might be surprised at the playback using Windows Media Players. I found that playback using ATI's File Player is not that great - but the captured files played back fine on Windows Media Player.

-- Curt Wvong (, March 08, 2001.

yes i found that ati all in wonder card software,after capturing will display very good on media player 7.0 free from microsoft download. the draw backs,with radon cards is that you have to order another cd- rom software from ati company,and the tv software will not work unless you order the software for about 25-40 more cannot capture from ati with the all in wonder expert 2000 unless you have a SVHS vcr,then you can capture from tv(price about 214.74)but the only way to get it in the correct format(352*240)and audio (44.1KHz)is to use some other encoding software with preferences,except you buy the radon ati card and send off for the correct software version. but you can use the media player 7.0 and it will play any video cd.

good luck.

-- samuel dupree (, April 27, 2001.

Yeah the Hauppauge PVR has onboard MPEG encoding, captures mpeg-1 mpeg-2 avi etc. Just released PVR / USB also.

-- . (, July 19, 2001.

I just bought it online ... but it arrived without software. Does anybody know where to get Hauppauge MPEG-2 USB Encoder ? ...before I complain to retailer?

-- jerome (, June 19, 2002.

heh heh nice name huh. I have a dazzle dvc2 but no software for it. running win2k and i have adobe premier but it doesnt i used to have moviemaker but i dont know where it is now so i have no software that it works with.

-- George Adam Wiliies III (, November 11, 2003.

load your drivers in safe mode if you can. this is some thing they do not tell us all the time. mpeg tv feeds on the net where are they.

-- load (, January 29, 2004.

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