Half hour teambuilding games for breakout sessions

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Our company of 60 people is having a corporate awayday. I want to give groups of 5 to 10 people the same task to complete in half an hour and then have them present back and award prizes. Last year we made Lego/Duplo models that represented our company name. Anyone got any ideas?

-- Peter Christopherson (peter@echoresearch.com), February 16, 2001


200 Piece Puzzle

This a total group initiative. For this event you’ll need to take your company logo to a print shop (Kinko’s), have enlarged to approximately 7X7 feet, transferred onto heavy paper stock and cut into 196 3X3 inch square pieces. It is vital that a portion of your logo be represented on each 3X3 inch square. This version can be difficult, we recommend having several smaller puzzles at several tables, thereby increasing the size of puzzle pieces and the ease with which players can identify some portion of the logo on their puzzle piece. The measurements for multiple puzzles are as follows: 4X4 foot logo enlargements transferred to heavy paper stock. These puzzles should then be cut into pieces that random in shape and that total the same number of participants for that given puzzle. Puzzles should be color coded with a color marker on the back. Also, each table should have a color dot taped to it that indicates to participants which table their puzzle piece belongs to. Not many rules here, just find the table your piece belongs to and play fair with others to build the image.

-- Scott Chreist (scott@parallellearning.com), February 28, 2002.

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