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Wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you so much to this web site. Handed our keys back to Coventry BS in 1996. Heard nothing until July 2000 when they asked for 48,000. Have used this site since then to keep asking them to substantiate their claim. Followed the Do's and Don'ts, filed Subject Access Notices, kept calm and polite - did everything this site told us to do. Today have had our offer of 2,000 in full and final settlement accepted. Many, many thanks. Did not think we would ever be able to put this matter behind us. We finally can. If anyone wants any info as to how we got them to settle please e-mail me.

Very Happy Alena!!!!

-- Alena Ayers (, February 16, 2001


Great news.

Thanks for letting us know.

If you find the time to jot down notes about your story and what happened as you fought back, then I'm sure many, many readers would find it an inspiration.

So many of them are so shell-shocked by the threats that they can't see that they could also, one day, be in the position you are now in.


-- Lee (, February 16, 2001.

Nice to see Alena so ebullient with her settlement - many congratulations !

Also a timely opportunity, for a few moments of reflection on the invaluable assistance provided 'free of charge' by this truly tremendous website, to so many people, either trying to keep their lives, or their families' lives together.

And, an all to appropriate moment for further special 'recognition' of Lee, without whose continual dedication to helping others, this would not be possible.

Well done Alena - and very well done Lee !

Cheers, Vic

-- Vic Harper (, February 16, 2001.

Sorry to put dampener on your success Alena, but it make me wonder what the real debt was when they knock off 46k.

I remain cynical. to quote my Bank Manager many years ago, "THE LENDER NEVER LOOSES". I am afraid the lender will still be viewing this as a victory albeit not a whitewash.

Well done anyway, it is an exceptional result and gives everone confidence.

All the best for the future.

-- Bryan Turner (, February 17, 2001.


Just make sure that this is a real 'full and final' settlement - you don't want any surprises in future from either the lender or the MIG company, right? You will have to get the lender to sign a declaration that the 'debt' is fully cleared, and I would also seek one saying that the lender was also acting on behalf of the insurance company (Eagle Star, wasn't it?) in obtaining this money from you as full and final settlement. It pays to be careful!

all best for the future,

-- Eleanor Scott (, February 17, 2001.

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