About media ( either hardware or a software ) which converts jpeg/tga format images into .mpeg playfile format for 'real time, full screen, smooth playing' on monitors

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I work on walkthroughs/animations through softwares like 3dstudio-R4 ( DOS based ) and 3dstudio max to render the images into JPEG or TARGA format and then convert those images to .AVI format to create a Playfile. Then I convert those .AVI playfiles to .MPEG format ( with frame rate of 25 frames / second. Software used to convert .AVI or JPEGS to .MPEG are - Ulead media studio pro. or MGI video Wave III.

PROBLEM : These .mpeg files could not be played smoothly or real time. The frames get skipped or the file plays in jagged manner. Also it could not be played smoothly when in FULL SCREEN mode.

I would like to know the appropriate media - either a special hardware card ( like MPEG encoder card ) or any software which will convert the .AVI's or JPEG/TARGA images into .MPEG playfile on a PAL system which will make the movie or playfile run very smoothly and realtime ( by specified frame rate ) and at a resolution of 640x480 ?

Sincerely, Jayant.

-- Jayant Shurpali (jayantshurpali@hotmail.com), February 16, 2001


TMPGEnc will convert just about any video file into VCD compliant. Both NTSC and PAL templets are included. Virtual Dub includes resizing (filters) for avi2avi. Check out vcdhelp.com.

Playback can be jerky if your PC is slow.

-- me (snake_mountain@hotmail.com), February 19, 2001.

Interesuvam se ot AVI kompresor.Imam TV tuner i iskam da kompresiram zapisite ot nego...

-- Georgi Thucanov (thucanov@abv.bg), December 07, 2002.

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