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One Confirmed Case Of Meningitis In Texas City ISD Boy In Serious Condition "...TEXAS CITY, Texas, 8:47 p.m. CST February 15, 2001 -- Texas City Independent School District issued a warning to parents Thursday about a confirmed case of meningitis.Harris County Health officials confirmed 44 cases of meningitis in Harris and surrounding counties, with a 10-year-old boy who attends Levi Fry Intermediate in serious condition. The district sent home a letter detailing the case of meningitis. The district is concerned that the confirmed case of meningitis came from the same group of meningitis sufferers from Montgomery County. "It is important to rely on the medical facts and the recommendations from the medical health-care professionals and at this point, their protocol simply does not call for mass vaccinations," David Simmons, Texas City ISD superintendent, said. Parents inquired about vaccinations due to the wide coverage of the Montgomery County outbreak, but health officials said that they are concerned for the students who came into close contact with the sick boy. Some parents questioned the district's use of the word contact. "Kids are kids," Loraine Gamble said. "I work in the district and from what I see, it's just not the kids hugging and kissing on each other, but they share each other's drinks and food." ...So why aren't there more mandatory vaccinations with 42 confirmed cases in and around Houston? .....Health officials point to cost as a deterrent to mandatory vaccinations. It is estimated that the campaign will cost $2 million, and to inoculate everyone in Texas would cost..."

-- tex (, February 15, 2001

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