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I have been out of film photography for some time, until three years ago when I sold my edit bay equipment and sold my videotoaster and Amiga system. I had wanted to make a transition to computer animation from film stills. What a joke! Every idiot out there thinks that they can animate, and will do it for free! When the last of my equipment was stolen, I waited almost a year wondering what to do. I can tell you that from being on both sides, there is NOTHING that compares to the quality of the 35mm format versus the digitals, and the range finders. I had bought my wife a rangefinder camera, and THANK GOD it was taken too! Why? Because it produced TERRIBLE-NON-Focused pics! The digitals that are out there are not consistent in color, quality, or performance, even from the same model! What digital has done for us, is quite simply, put the techno-idiot-gotta-have-the-lastest-now-person into a different arena, and left the good stuff for our use, and in doing so, we have affordable equipment. Yes, there may be a time when we see the demise of our format, but that will happen about the same time we all drive/fly electric cars. Until then, let them spend thier money!

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2001

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