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Some of this is a bit redundant , its a copy of an earlier file.....some ideas I have seen here lready , some have the way , a great way to encourage ideas is to mention the idea providers name and location at the beginning of the show...just a thought!!

1] Crane to move x # X distance 2] swamp buggy [car that drives thru 4 of water , compete for speed] 3] mud bogger car that drives thru a mud pit in seconds 4] air boat [swamp boat] the kind with an air prop...... 5] airplane , kitty hawk style , glider / man powered ? [been done im told] 6] bulldozer equivalent , to move a pile of dirt , or load it? 7] lighting station [ car engines , multiple alternators and lights] maybe to light a given space ,compete for min candlepower for min # of minutes 8] a hydroelectric power unit [ compete for amps / kilowatts]? 9] monster truck [ drive over a group of cars competition] 10] a bridge 11] a tesla coil [ lightning machine] 12] a mud duck , a car that that can drive over water [like a boat] and drive up the beach 13 ] a steam shovel 14 ] a dump truck 15] a waterwheel , the kind that turns via water current , picks up water and drops it int a trough compete to fill to x gallons a friend suggested...a snowblower or snow plow

Or provide the challenge , not the method ..... I like this possibilities examples .....move a car [or other object] from one side of a river to another as fast as possible, using any device or means possible , this could mean thru / over or under the water, driven , launched , catapulted , disassembled and boated.....a wide range of options exist

example....cut a utility pole[s] as fast as possible , could be chainsaw , shear . , burn , break....

example..... fill a x gallon tank from a river as fast as possible ...could be pumped , waterwheeled , redirected flow.....

example .... empty a cement tank x gallon as fast as possible

example ...a machine to vertically scale a X height steel wall to a given height

example: move a given qty of objects a given minimum distance , by any means possible like ,move 10 utility poles from a pile past a 100 ft marker as fast as possible. possibilities range from a big forklift to a launcher to a bulldozer

provided by: Ron Landrette Bristol , Ct , USA

-- Ron Landrette (, February 15, 2001

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