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I will probably get flamed for this cause it may or may not have been suggested but I dont have time to read the FAQ. Anyway how about a challenge to see who can launch an object the highest without the use of rocket motors. I remember they did a challenge to see who could launch something the farthest but cant recall a challenge about height except the rocket episode.To make it harder the could eliminate the use of air power devices as well.

-- Conner McClain (, February 15, 2001


Don't assume you will get flamed.

From the FAQ:

Q: My idea was already suggested, but I want to talk about it! Should I ask questions? A: By all means! The discussion group loves fleshing out good ideas.

I think it would be interesting to launch one of those altitude computers by means of some ground based propultion system and see how high you could get it!

What type of vehicle could it go in? Spherical, rocket shaped? How could you ensure recovery? Anyone have any ideas?

-- Michael (Canadian P.Eng.) (, February 16, 2001.

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