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Hello All, In looking in the Calumet website I noticed that they are promoting their Cambo 45SF for $1399. Does anyone have any experience with camera? I read once that it has plastic parts in high stress areas. Is it worth it for the promo price? Thanks to all. Bernard

-- Bernard R. Negrin (, February 15, 2001


I can't comment on the Cambo. I am a Sinar F2 user and Sinar is running a promotion in February for the F2 at $1390.

-- Alex Weiner (, February 15, 2001.

I've owned one for two years. It does have a few plastic parts. However, the areas where they are used are not areas that require high torque. In fact, none of the adjustments require excessive tightening and the camera locks down solidly. In regards to the value, as has been mentioned the SINAR is available at the same price and I believe it is probably a marginally better camera. However, if you are interested, my Cambo 45SF is for sale along with many accessories. I purchased it primarily for Architectural and Interior Design photography, and since then have gained great interest in landscape photographic so I purchased a used Arca Swiss camera because it breaks-down into a smaller and lighter package that will fit into a backpack; something that the Cambo won't do easily. If you're interested, give me and email offline.

-- Gary Jones (, February 15, 2001.

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