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Please help me to find a free software to capture video in .mpeg format that is compatible with 'winon CD' to make Video CDs. I am using a 'all in wonder' graphic card to capture.

-- Anand (, February 15, 2001


All the help you need is at:

The capture software should have come with your ATI card - Multimedia Centre (MMC). The important trick is that the card will not capture VCD compliant mpeg. The capture parameters need to be exact and the captured file needs to be run through an encoder. All is explained at the website and if you follow the guide carefully it does work.

Good luck.

-- Jim (, February 19, 2001.

I would not reccomend you capture to .MPG format in realtime with just hardware. First of all you need a fast PC just to get even watchable quality. If you have that you might as well capture to AVI (I reccomend the Huffyuv codec)with a free program called AVI_IO and then encode to .MPG with software such as LSX, Panasonic Encoder, or Xing.

-- MrVCD (, February 22, 2001.

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