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While serving overseas in the Air Force I noticed the African Americans had a strong Masonic lodge. I saw no members of another race, and noted the chapter was named after Chappie James, famous as the first African American Air Force four-star general. The Masons also played a visible role in the base chapel service most heavily attended by African Americans.

I know virtually nothing about the Free Masons. Are they part of the AME? What are they all about? What about stories of satanic connections? True or false?

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001


Rev. Price, The Masons are not officially a part of any religious organization. The masonic lodges are open to all races. George Washington was a mason as were a number of the founding members of the U.S. Hence, this is the reason that a lot of masonic symbols like the Washington monument and the all seeing eye on the pyramid of the dollar bill have been included in the U.S. government's history. A number of religious leaders have also suggested that the masonic lodge was some sort of satanic cult. Quite frankly, I dont't know why this belief exists. Although not a mason, I have known a number of my community leaders ranging from church deacons, ministers, and doctors who are masons. I would doubt very seriously if they would join an organization which served the enemy. Quite frankly, these accusations against the masons as being a satanic cult are unfounded.


-- Anonymous, February 15, 2001

It's a common response, I'm told about the long tradition behind its existence, I hear of masonry in a nostalgic, historic context.   But why is is avoided from biblical perspective?  I have asked specific questions yet to be answered.  Sincerity is not the issue here, truth is.  How can a brother justify allegiance to organization with a 'fill in the blank' God?  I don't question the use of the bible or prayers to and acknowledgement Jesus as the only begotten of the Father in your meetings.  However, can one be comfortable calling a fellow mason in India who says their Hindu god is the one and only a 'brother?'  The "Great Architect" is not our Savior.  According to scripture, His Name is above all names.  He is the only way to God, the only mediator, the only redeemer.  He does not have a interchangeable identity.  This type of "All roads lead to God" theology is extremely dangerous.  Please brothers and sisters, let's reason together, let's have some substantive dialogue on this subject.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

Brother Kinsler's entry reminded me of something I'd forgotten - allegiance. My parents are pastors in the Free Methodist church. They're a smaller denomination and not well known. They spintered from the Methodist church at the time of the Civil War over three issues: Slavery, pew tax, and Masonry. It was an interesting time.

The Free Methodists were strict abolitionists, and not all in the Methodist church of the day were. One also had to pay to get a seat in church in those days, and they opposed this. Finally, they strictly forbade secret societies. At the time the Masonic Methodist minsters were voting as a bloc, and the Free Methodists saw this as an allegiance above the one we should have to God.

Today the issues of slavery and pew tax aren't discussed in the Free Methodist church except as history. But each membership applicant is still told of the restriction against secret societies in the Free Methodist church. My own Assemblies of God isn't quite as strict. We have a bylaw that forbids ministers from membership in secret societies, and ministers are to use their influence to discourage the layity from participation. Again the issue is allegance.

Again I pose the question, is there an allegiance problem? What's the purpose of the Masons, and what are this organization's beliefs and practices?

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

Free (Bound) Masons and Eastern Stars their orgin, devires from from Druids, which are cousins to modern day withchcraft. As one goes higher in Masonary, first of all, it is broken down in degrees. It is said, that, each degree is a level of Hell in which the person goes into. Although many of Manson and Stars profess "God" however as the Mason approaches the 33rd degree, the word God is dropped down to god, and then the concept of the "The Great Architect" is introduced. If you notice the sisters, the Stars their symbol is that of a pentegram, the five pointed star that is also used in satanic cult worship. The five pointed pentgram which represents, the goat, which is the mascot of satan worshipers. The college Fratenity Kappa Alpha Psi, is brother of the Mansons. This frat borrowed their rituals from the Mansons. (And Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, which taken their rituals from the Stars......I pledged SGRho in college, charter member, when I got saved and filled with Holy Ghost and found out about this, I denounced my affliation with this group and have not been a member since) The college frats and sororities, all of them black and white have their roots in some form of cult like rituals. We think that it is innocent to join these groups but, when joining these groups you have opend yourself to demonic influences. There are many things in our culture which devived from witchcraft, this is why we must be sober and viligant for the enemy comes upon us, he comes as an angel of light.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

here is an excellent article on what this group is about.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

Here is an excellent article on what this group is about. Take it to God in prayer.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

Dear ro,

Thanks! What an outstanding article. In fact, what an outstanding website. I also clicked on the link at the bottom connecting to Jack Harris' site. There's a wealth of info on the Masons there. I'm book marking all of these for further study.

Friends, I'm still no expert on the Masons, and I know the hazards of depending on information gained from the net. But there are enough red flags raised by respectable organizations and people that should at least cause concern. Pastors, if there are Masons in your church, or if you are one yourself find out more. Remember Scripture is our ultimate authority, and if this is demonic it is your duty to speak up, and possibly engage in church discipline. God will judge your ministry according to your obedience.

One last thing. I remember a Mason I ran into a few years ago. He was an EXTREMELY prideful person. Maybe this was just him, but his membership appeared to play a part in his larger problem. He waxed eloquent one day on how impressive he was when decked out in all his regalia. How much of this is simply rooted in pride? Pride of belonging to an elite group priveleged to hold secret knowlege, pride in position, in regalia, etc. Like I said, I'm no expert, but I smell a rat.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

You have opened a can of worms, and in the interest of time, I will give you the titles of 2 books on the subject.

Dale A. Byers, "I left the Lodge" ISBN 0-87227-127-7 John Ankerberg and John Weldon "The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge" ISBN 0-8024-7695-3

I will say this, however. I used to attend another denomination that worshipped in a Masonic lodge. Suspended on the ceiling was a 5- pinted star. If you looked at the room from "the top", the star was pointed downward, the position used by Satanists.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001

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