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Does anyone have any information on my great grandfather, Rev. John J. Morant, BD, DD, a graduate of Wilberforce University, Presiding Elder of the Meridian District of the A.M.E. Church at the time of his death, March 6, 1961. Dean of Religion at J.P. Campbell College, Jackson, MS, Probably the oldest elected ministerial delegate in the General Conference of 1944. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001


The following is excerpted from the Encyclopedia of African Methodism (1916), by Bishop R.R. Wright, at the time a General Officer (Editor for the Crhistian Recorder). To peruse further, please follow the link found at, which covers AME History as well as biographies of some of the bishops. YOu will probably want to go directly to the site, since I didn't copy the link to his picture there. You are truly blessed - I have alo included biographical information on two great-uncles.

Morant, Asbury Benjamin, son of Charles and Phoebe Morant, both members of the A. M. E. Church, was born February 14, 1874, at Fort Long, Miss., one of twelve children. He spent twelve years in school, receiving his education in Avoca public schools and Lakes' graded school. He was converted in 1890 and joined the A. M. E. Church, and has served as steward, trustee, class leader, Sunday school teacher, organist and district superintendent of Sunday schools. He has been a lay delegate to the Central Mississippi Annual Conference since 1906, and has been secretary of the same for ten consecutive years. He is delegate to the general conference of 1916. He was editor of the "Signal (Miss.) American" for two years; is postmaster at Signal, Miss., and is connected with the Knights of Honor and K. of P., and is a home owner. He was grand secretary of the Knights of Honor for twelve years.

Morant, D. R., an elder of the Central Mississippi Annual Conference, the elder son of Charles and Phoebe Morant. He was born in Selma, Ala., February 16, 1867, and was converted at Signal, near Vicksburg, Miss., September 17, 1891. He obtained his education in the public schools of Yazoo County, and by [ILLUSTRATION] REV. D. R. MORANT. persistent study in night school, under Prof. C. R. Custard, of Vicksburg, Miss., he was admitted into conference by Bishop H. M. Turner, December, 1897. He was ordained deacon by Bishop Derrick, January 26, 1898; ordained elder by Bishop Tyree, December 23, 1900. During the period of twenty years which marks his ministerial career, he has made splendid success. He succeeds where others fail, and is classed among the best preachers of the state. He was a delegate to the general conference in Kansas City, Mo., in 1912, and is a delegate to the Centennial General Conference in Philadelphia. He has held the following churches: Valley Park Mission, served eight months, had three converts; Flower Hill Mission, served one year, had two converts, built one new church; Warren Circuit, served three years, had thirty-five converts, two churches remodeled; Anguilla Circuit, served three years, had twenty-seven converts, built one new church; Signal Circuit, served four years, had fifty-eight converts, built one new church; Hollandale Circuit, served three years, had seventy-five converts, built one new parsonage; Grenada Station, served one year, had seven converts, built one new parsonage; Glen Allen Circuit, served three years, had forty converts, built one new church. He has raised for building and repairs, $4008; for dollar money, $1628; built and paid for four new churches, remodeled two and built and laid the foundations for two parsonages. He is married and his wife is a great aid to him, and is now president of the Conference Branch of the W. H. and F. M. Society of the Central Mississippi Conference. He owns property in the city of Vicksburg. He is highly respected in every community to which he goes.

Morant, Rev. John James, son of Charles and Phoebe Morant, both loyal members of the A. M. E. Church, was born at Selma, Ala., in 1873. His parents had six children. Entered school in 1879, and spent about eleven years in all. Spent over two years in each of the following: public schools, Wilberforce and Payne Seminary. Received B.D., D.D. from Wilberforce. [ILLUSTRATION] REV. JOHN JAMES MORANT. Converted in 1884 and joined the A. M. E. Church in the same year; has held several offices in the Church. Licensed to preach in 1888 at Vicksburg Circuit, by Rev. Thomas W. Stringer; ordained deacon in 1890, at Grenada, Miss., by Bishop A. R. Disney; ordained elder by Bishop Arnett, at West Point, Miss., in 1893. Joined the annual conference in 1891, at Vicksburg, Miss., under Bishop Disney. He held the following appointments: Corinth Mission, 1890-91; West Point, 1891-92; Winterville, 1892; Stonesville Circuit, 1893; Oklahoma Mission, 1894; Tunica, 1895; Piqua, O., 1896; Dayton, O., 1897-99; Brookhaven, Miss., 1899; Greenwood, Miss., 1900-01; Rosedale, Miss., 1902-03; Greenville Station, 1904-05; Vicksburg, Bethel, 1906-12. Built St. Paul's, at Stoneville Circuit, at a cost of $500, in 1892; Bethel, Rosedale, Miss., at a cost of $2000, in 1902; Mother Bethel, at Vicksburg, Miss., at a cost of $21,000, in 1912. He has received about 2000 into the Church, baptized 8000 people and married 250. Was delegate to general conference in 1904, 1908, 1912. He was a member of the Educational Board in 1908-12. Appointed presiding elder in 1913-14. Endorsed unanimously by Central Mississippi Conference for the Episcopacy, December 8, 1904. Dr. Morant, in 1912, was the most formidable ministerial aspirant for Secretary of Education, and withdrew in the interest of Prof. A. S. Jackson, the present incumbent. Married Mary Jean Morant, of Ebenezer, Miss., in 1903. They had four children, John V. Morant, Jr., Christa B., Richard L. and Edward A. Has contributed to Commercial Appeal, Christian and Southern Recorders, and Vicksburg Herald. He has made several addresses, and was editor of Monitor in 1900. Dr. Morant made the following addresses: National Decoration, 1913; Commencement Address, at Campbell College, in 1906; Address to Farmers' Conference, 1910; Emancipation address, 1898, at Dayton, O. He is connected with the Masons, Odd Fellows, K. of P. and others. Member of Republican party, and attended convention in 1908. Owns a home.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2001

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