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I think I have an idea that has not been done in this form. I would like to see Rock Crawlers on the show. This would be a four wheel drive unit(or 6, or 8, however many wheels) with large ammounts of articulation,(up and down axle movement) its challenge would be to scale an obsticale course of boulders and large rock stair steps, or other vehicles, the teams could be timed, and be judged on how many times they have to stop, back up, and use any sort of recovery device(winch, strap, come-along), all of wich will cause them to loose points. Radial tires work great for rock surfaces, so there wont be a need for fancy "hidden" tires, and wheels, and all you will need is a junk yard full of old jeeps, broncos, and other units of this sort.. But the vehicle must use straight axles, and to encourage design, the differentials should be left "open" without lockers, or without welding the spider gears..

-- TIM LIVINGSTON (, February 14, 2001


Great Idea, I was wondering if anything good would ever show up, that would be a great challenge for the junkyard teams... (i want to see them drive over some junkers)


-- marc howser (, February 14, 2001.

Good idea, I suggested a couple of weeks ago that they build track vechiles and have some sort of race. Maybe one team could build a track vehicle and the other a multiple wheel unit, depending on the course it could be cool. Would think a mutiple wheel unit would be faster? So for it to be even the course would have to be fairly difficult. I think a track type vehicle would be hard to build at best, how would they build a track that could stay together from junkyard materials.

-- Richard James Retey (, February 15, 2001.

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