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Hello all, Does anyone have experience with a macro adapter for a 50mm R summicron? I just got my first Leica and could not afford a 60mm macro, so I am trying to find an alternative. How much does this cost? Does it still enable the meter to work? I have an R3. Many thanks!

-- paige critcher (, February 14, 2001


What filter size is your lens? Mine was a 55mm and I picked up one of the high quality Minolta 2 element close up lens that just screwed on the front. Center sharpness was superb, and the corners were good as well. These are still available new and aren't very expensive.

-- Andrew Schank (, February 14, 2001.

The 14256 Macro-Adapter-R will work with full metering capabilities on your R3 but you'll have a big gap in the focussing range. It's often over $200 used. The Elpro close-up lenses that screw in to the front of the lens may be a better bet, at about $50 or so used. Which one you want depends in part on the degree of magnification (here I'm a bit uncertain which model gives what magnification) and the model of Summicron-R you have. If your lens uses Series VI filters you want either Elpro VIa or VIb, and if your lens uses 55mm filters you want Elpro 1 or 2.

-- Douglas Herr (, February 15, 2001.

Hi. The Macro-Adapter-R, as Doug said, will work with your R3 metering. On the 50 Summicron it will give a maximum magnification of 1:1.42 at 9.9cm subject to front lens distance (lens at closest focusing), and 1:1.75 at 11.6cm (lens @ infinity). I use one but find the distance too close for any meaningful work. Instead I use it mostly on the 135 Elmarit, which gives a 1:3 ratio at closest focusing at a distance of 55cm. For higher magnification, I have a Nikkor 105 Macro. Actually, I use the Nikon more often for macro. One thing to note, I find a focusing rail indispensible for this kind of work. Hope this help.

-- Steven Fong (, February 17, 2001.

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