Hopefully a New Idea.

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My idea is to create some kind of lifting mechanism (ie:like a sissor jack machine) that would hold one or more of the contestants. It would be built so it could travel a course and be able to reach varied heights along the course so you could retreave hanging objects. The contestants would be timed to see who could collect as many objects as possible. Anyway this is my thought. Someone please let me know me know if this has been thought of before. Thanks, Kerry

-- Kerry Gilligan (kmgilli@aol.com), February 14, 2001


Here is another idea. The contestants would have to create electric bumper cars. You could have they go at it bumping against each other or have them race a number of laps, 1st one to 20 laps wins. Maybe they could incorparate old batteries from the junk cars. I think it would be neat! Kerry

-- Kerry Gilligan (kmgilli@aol.com), February 14, 2001.

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