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Please take note...

Take the following senario... 1) you are ranked #1200 2) the blue mage you are attacking is rank #1800

You seige him but failed due to the hallucination spell that he has (You cannot find blue mage' kingdom). You continue on to attack others (not necessary blue) and as such, you failed in succession. Thus you fall in ranks to maybe #2100.

You logged off after charging you mage up to #1900 in ranks. Some other mages random you and you fall to about #3200 in rank. Now, that blue mage that you tried to attack earlier has login and charged up to about #1100 in rank.

B E W A R N ! ! !

This blue mage is able to counter you even if you are at #3200 in rank and he is at #1100. This is due to the server take hallucination to be an attack as well. It does not mean that he is not able to counter you. If he does, it would be a painful experience for you as he will be able to gain land!!!

I know about this as I did this to a mage who tried to seige me but was unsuccessful due to my hallucination spell and due to curiousity, I tried to counter him and I did that counter successfully thus I am relating this to warn all who plan to attack blue mages and those blue mages who are in myths about hallucination. This means that the server gives you your right to counter this attacking mage if you are blue.

All I have to say now is, happy hunting to all of you especially blue, cheers

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001



-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001

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