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Ok, remember the rumor that has been going around that Konica will be producing a new SLR, it was rumored that it might be called the FT-1N? Well, it's not a rumor anymore, they HAVE MADE 2,001 limitied edition Konica (get ready) rangefinders (boo)

Well, here are the stats on them:

Konica is producing 2,001 Limited Editions of the Konica RF. The Limited Edition will come kit form with a 50mm f1.2 lens*. The camera body will differ from the regular in that it will be titanium finished (wiht black ruber handgrips) rather than the all-black current model. Lens will be titanium too. This is fact, I am looking at the photograph announcement a friend sent from England. I have tried to get information on how one gets one from places like B&H, but they are still checking. Many of the top photo dealers haven't even heard of this, in fact, when I phoned Konica USA, they had not even heard of it and it is on their website! A dealer in Germany (only person who seemed to know) told me they were going to retail for about DM 9,000! That's around $6,000 give or take a couple hundred depending on the $ to DM rate. Maybe more info will be forthcoming at the PMA!

Newest News:

$4000 with the box and a 35mm f/2.0 lens.

See a pictures of it here:


-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001



Dear COMMUNIST Konica SLR Users,

Will Konica sell all at COST?...HUMMMM? They BETTER!....Right! Or face the WRATH of COMMUNISTS!

Quick!...Call and place a $1.00 dollar BID before that DARNED General Weber gets 'em all!....HaHa!

Respectfuly, CAPITALIST Konica SLR Users

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2001

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