2001 Defensive Free Agents

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2001 Defensive Free Agents NFLTalk.Com Position-by-Position    CORNERBACKS Artrell Hawkins Bengals Cornerback Restricted Daryl Porter Bills Cornerback Restricted Brian Kelly Bucs Cornerback Restricted Corey Chavous Cardinals Cornerback Restricted Reggie Rusk Chargers Cornerback Restricted Tony Blevins Colts Cornerback Restricted Ray Hill Dolphins Cornerback Restricted Elijah Williams Falcons Cornerback Restricted La Mar Campbell Lions Cornerback Restricted Allen Rossum Packers Cornerback Restricted Fred Weary Saints Cornerback Restricted Jason Simmons Steelers Cornerback Restricted Deshea Townsend Steelers Cornerback Restricted George McCullough Titans Cornerback Restricted Samari Rolle Titans Cornerback Restricted Dainon Sidney Titans Cornerback Restricted Antonio Banks Vikings Cornerback Restricted Keith Thibodeaux Vikings Cornerback Restricted Monty Montgomery 49ers Cornerback Unrestricted Walt Harris Bears Cornerback Unrestricted Frankie Smith Bears Cornerback Unrestricted Donovan Greer Bills Cornerback Unrestricted Terrell Buckley Broncos Cornerback Unrestricted Ronde Barber Bucs Cornerback Unrestricted Floyd Young Bucs Cornerback Unrestricted Aeneas Williams Cardinals Cornerback Unrestricted Scott Turner Chargers Cornerback Unrestricted Terrance Shaw Dolphins Cornerback Unrestricted Jerry Wilson Dolphins Cornerback Unrestricted Ray Buchanan Falcons Cornerback Unrestricted Terry Cousin Falcons Cornerback Unrestricted Emmanuel McDaniel Giants Cornerback Unrestricted Jason Sehorn Giants Cornerback Unrestricted Marquis Walker Lions Cornerback Unrestricted Taje Allen Rams Cornerback Unrestricted Todd Lyght Rams Cornerback Unrestricted Dexter McCleon Rams Cornerback Unrestricted Tyrone Drakeford Redskins Cornerback Unrestricted Kevin Mathis Saints Cornerback Unrestricted Chris Canty Seahawks Cornerback Unrestricted Michael Booker Titans Cornerback Unrestricted Denard walker Titans Cornerback Unrestricted DEFENSIVE ENDS Lorenzo Bromell Dolphins Defensive End Restricted Tryone Williams Eagles Defensive End Restricted Greg Spires Patriots Defensive End Restricted Carl Powell Ravens Defensive End Restricted Jeremy Staat Steelers Defensive End Restricted Anthony Pleasant 49ers Defensive End Unrestricted Bryan Robinson Bears Defensive End Unrestricted Clyde Simmons Bears Defensive End Unrestricted Van Tuinei Bears Defensive End Unrestricted Troy Wilson Bears Defensive End Unrestricted Michael Bankston Bengals Defensive End Unrestricted Shawn Price Bills Defensive End Unrestricted Marcellus Wiley Bills Defensive End Unrestricted Tyoka Jackson Bucs Defensive End Unrestricted Marcus Jones Bucs Defensive End Unrestricted Simeon Rice Cardinals Defensive End Unrestricted Albert Fontenot Chargers Defensive End Unrestricted Darren Mickell Chargers Defensive End Unrestricted Trace Armstrong Dolphins Defensive End Unrestricted Rich Owens Dolphins Defensive End Unrestricted Jason Taylor Dolphins Defensive End Unrestricted David Ritchie Jaguars Defensive End Unrestricted Shane Burton Jets Defensive End Unrestricted Rick Lyle Jets Defensive End Unrestricted Tracy Scroggins Lions Defensive End Unrestricted Bobby Hamilton Patriots Defensive End Unrestricted Brandon Mitchell Patriots Defensive End Unrestricted Regan Upshaw Raiders Defensive End Unrestricted Kevin Carter Rams Defensive End Unrestricted Nolan Harrison Redskins Defensive End Unrestricted Ndukwe Kalu Redskins Defensive End Unrestricted Jared Tomich Saints Defensive End Unrestricted Kenny Holmes Titans Defensive End Unrestricted DEFENSIVE TACKLES Ryan Kuehl Browns Defensive Tackle Restricted James Cannida Bucs Defensive Tackle Restricted Corey Sears Cardinals Defensive Tackle Restricted Mike Mohring Chargers Defensive Tackle Restricted Derrick Ransom Chiefs Defensive Tackle Restricted Larry Chester Colts Defensive Tackle Restricted Michael Myers Cowboys Defensive Tackle Restricted Brandon Whiting Eagles Defensive Tackle Restricted Shawn Swayda Falcons Defensive Tackle Restricted Nate Hobgood-Chittick Rams Defensive Tackle Restricted Lionel Dalton Ravens Defensive Tackle Restricted Martin Chase Saints Defensive Tackle Restricted Joe Salave'a Titans Defensive Tackle Restricted Brentson Buckner 49ers Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Mike Lodish Broncos Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Stalin Colinet Browns Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Mike Thompson Browns Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Mark Smith Cardinals Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Bernard Whittington Colts Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Leon Lett Cowboys Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Paul Grasmanis Eagles Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Christian Peter Giants Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Jason Ferguson Jets Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Kelvin Pritchett Lions Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Rob Davis Packers Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Eric Swann Panthers Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Chad Eaton Patriots Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Jeff Zgonina Rams Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Riddick Parker Seahawks Defensive Tackle Unrestricted Tony Williams Vikings Defensive Tackle Unrestricted LINEBACKERS Jeff Posey 49ers Linebacker Restricted Adrian Ross Bengals Linebacker Restricted Jamie Duncan Bucs Linebacker Restricted Zack Walz Cardinals Linebacker Restricted Ratcliff Thomas Colts Linebacker Restricted Darren Hambrick Cowboys Linebacker Restricted Ike Reese Eagles Linebacker Restricted Jeremiah Trotter Eagles Linebacker Restricted Kevin O'Neill Lions Linebacker Restricted Nate Wayne Packers Linebacker Restricted London Fletcher Rams Linebacker Restricted Leonard Little Rams Linebacker Restricted Shawn Barber Redskins Linebacker Restricted Reggie Givens Redskins Linebacker Restricted John Fiala Steelers Linebacker Restricted Greg Favors Titans Linebacker Restricted Mitch Palmer Vikings Linebacker Restricted Kailee Wong Vikings Linebacker Restricted Billy Granville Bengals Linebacker Unrestricted John Mobley Broncos Linebacker Unrestricted Tarek Saleh Browns Linebacker Unrestricted Don Davis Bucs Linebacker Unrestricted Mark Maddox Cardinals Linebacker Unrestricted Steve Tovar Chargers Linebacker Unrestricted Dwight Hollier Colts Linebacker Unrestricted Dexter Coakley Cowboys Linebacker Unrestricted Barron Wortham Cowboys Linebacker Unrestricted Larry Izzo Dolphins Linebacker Unrestricted Derrick Rodgers Dolphins Linebacker Unrestricted Twan Russell Dolphins Linebacker Unrestricted James Darling Eagles Linebacker Unrestricted Henri Crockett Falcons Linebacker Unrestricted Pete Monty Giants Linebacker Unrestricted Ryan Phillips Giants Linebacker Unrestricted Bryan Cox Jets Linebacker Unrestricted Mo Lewis Jets Linebacker Unrestricted Mike Morton Packers Linebacker Unrestricted Bob Holmberg Patriots Linebacker Unrestricted William Thomas Raiders Linebacker Unrestricted Mike Jones Rams Linebacker Unrestricted Lorenzo Styles Rams Linebacker Unrestricted O.J. Brigance Ravens Linebacker Unrestricted Cornell Brown Ravens Linebacker Unrestricted Anthony Davis Ravens Linebacker Unrestricted Jamie Sharper Ravens Linebacker Unrestricted Greg Jones Redskins Linebacker Unrestricted Kevin Mitchell Redskins Linebacker Unrestricted Derek Smith Redskins Linebacker Unrestricted Donta Jones Saints Linebacker Unrestricted Darrin Smith Saints Linebacker Unrestricted George Koonce Seahawks Linebacker Unrestricted James Logan Seahawks Linebacker Unrestricted Mike Vrabel Steelers Linebacker Unrestricted Bryce Paup Vikings Linebacker Unrestricted Dwayne Rudd Vikings Linebacker Unrestricted SAFETIES Lance Schulters 49ers Safety Restricted Pat Tillman Cardinals Safety Restricted Eric Warfield Chiefs Safety Restricted Izell Reese Cowboys Safety Restricted Scott Frost Jets Safety Restricted Kevin Williams Jets Safety Restricted Scott McGarrahan Packers Safety Restricted Perry Phenix Titans Safety Restricted Zack Bronson 49ers Safety Unrestricted Chris Carter Bengals Safety Unrestricted Damien Robinson Bucs Safety Unrestricted Tommy Bennett Cardinals Safety Unrestricted Jason Belser Colts Safety Unrestricted Brock Marion Dolphins Safety Unrestricted Tim Hauck Eagles Safety Unrestricted Gerald McBurrows Falcons Safety Unrestricted Omar Stoutmire Giants Safety Unrestricted Mike Logan Jaguars Safety Unrestricted Chris Hayes Jets Safety Unrestricted Corwin Brown Lions Safety Unrestricted Darren Sharper Packers Safety Unrestricted Mike Minter Panthers Safety Unrestricted Damien Richardson Panthers Safety Unrestricted Eugene Robinson Panthers Safety Unrestricted Marquez Pope Raiders Safety Unrestricted Kim Herring Ravens Safety Unrestricted Matt Stevens Redskins Safety Unrestricted Rob Kelly Saints Safety Unrestricted Darren Perry Saints Safety Unrestricted Jay Bellamy Seahawks Safety Unrestricted Kerry Joseph Seahawks Safety Unrestricted

-- Mark (Karch 222@aol.com), February 14, 2001


Hum? nobody really out there!

-- Ralph (RFELIX7550@aol.com), February 15, 2001.

Are we supposed to memorize these? Will there be a test? ;-)

-- Deb Cross (debcross2000@aol.com), February 16, 2001.

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