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Our farm here is full of flint, both black and dark brown. It's everywhere, just like the flint used to make arrowheads. You can take a large round rock and throw it down on another rock, it splits open and has a perfect center of flint inside. I pick up little pieces every day and save them.

I have been searching the net and reading about Flint Nappers and such, but could not find any sites where they SELL the rocks. One the sites where you can buy rocks and minerals, there was no flint. I have hiked allot of areas here around me and no where else do I see flint like here on this hill. My other farm had none. I sure would like to know if it has any value. Is it really common, or is it kinda rare?

-- Cindy in Ky (, February 14, 2001


a magazine called,, wilderness way , in the back of that they sell flint to knappers and such,, do a web search, I believe they have a website, should be able to check out their advertisements. Also what about "old timer shows'", civil war shows and such where they used flint for their guns and firemaking??

-- Stan (, February 14, 2001.

If the flint is of really good quality it may have a small value (cents per pound) to folk that go to old time rendezvous. Search the WEB for "Rendezvous". It is not rare, very common.

-- Lynn Goltz (, February 14, 2001.

If flint rock is worth anything then there are a lot of people in the ozarks that are setting on gold mines.

-- Larry L. McWilliams (, February 15, 2001.

I found one site yesterday that sells it for 1.00 a pound, but I must find out quality of the rock I have. It's very interesting reading, people make arrowheads out of glass when they can't get any flint. I'm going to keep searching some more. I imagine the private people who Flint Knapp would want some.

-- Cindy in Ky (, February 16, 2001.

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