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I think that all the challenges should be released "in bulk" to the contestants at the beginning of filming. Then they have the day or so to go over the concepts and submit one "seeded" part for each item.

The producers could thn secretly pit teams against one another that demostrate doing the same thing a different way. The experts would not be told and then be at the same level of "surprise" and plannign the morning that the challenge is issued.

Obviuosly, most potential contestants are already reading the post boards and "thinking ahead" of how to tackle different challenges...

I'm sure that even Eric has thought about how to build a snowmobile and a battlebot by now...***lol***

-- Dan Denney (, February 13, 2001


Yeah, I've pretty well worked out the remote-control fighting snowmobile.

-- Eric (, February 14, 2001.

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