FD 28mm or 24mm . . what to do??

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I'm choosing between purchasing a 28mm and 24mm FD canon lens . . probrably 2.8 .. .it's what's available and less inexpensive. Can anyone give me an informative comparison? is there a significant difference in depth of field? speed? image quality?? etc . thanks, have a beautiful day

-- giselle (designbygisellea@yahoo.com), February 13, 2001


I think the 28mm is way better and it's cheaper. .or you can get an EF .. that would be good too

-- rick (rick@email.com), February 13, 2001.

With both in f2.8, the speed is the same. The depth of field is slightly better on the 24 because of the shorter focal length. But not that big a deal.

Both have very good image quality.

The only real practical difference is the 24 has about 10 degrees wider angle of view versus the 28. And only you can answer whether that extra 10 degrees will help or hurt your photography.

-- Terry Carraway (TCarraway@compuserve.com), February 17, 2001.

Go for the 24mm. The build quality is better, the lens has greater depth of field, and is easier to use. The 24mm f2.8 is more expensive, running about $250 on e-Bay for mint condition. It's a great lens for crowds and in-door work. The f2 version (about $300) makes focusing easier. Both are very sharp and contrasty.

I have a lot of time with a 28mm f2.8, but prefer the 24mm f2. It is bigger and heavier, though.

-- Jim Meketa (meketa@mediaone.net), February 28, 2001.

Go for the 24mm - the extra field of view is very practical with minimal "distortion" and it is a higher quality lens than the 28mm. I happen to have a 24mm 2.8 for sale (with hood, caps, box, case etc)

-- GD Mangold (gdm@netins.net), May 24, 2001.

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