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Well, it has finially arrived from The Film Center*. Let me first say, I highly recommend this store! Give them a call at: (814) 238-4686, they clean and repair Konica stuff too!

The lens is just awesome. The Film Center took it apart and cleaned it all up too, just wonderful work. I'll be recommending this store on The Photography Blue Book as well.

As for the lens, it is definately a Keeper. It focuses down to 1.2m or 4 feet (the Hexanon 135mm f3.2 goes to down 3 feet) but I don't think I will miss the 1 foot less focusing, 4' is still pretty close. It is much heavier and wider than the f3.2 and the glass is just as impressive as the 57mm f1.2 lens. It's big, and when you open it up to f2.5 its huge.

The only negative I have found so far is the lens hood. How could Konica think that such a small built-in lens hood could shield the lens from flare very well? The f3.2 lens hood is a lot longer and the front glass is smaller too. Well, looks like I will be buying a 62mm round metal hood for the lens rather than rely on the built in one.

Oh, the coating on the lens is a purple cast. And the lens is the last AE rubber ringed version.

I can't wait to get some shots off with it and put them up.

Have a great time shooting your Konica SLRs!

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* The Film Center 2137 S. Atherton St. - Store 1 State College, PA 16801 (814) 238-4686

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2001

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