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Why do you guys get so pissed when someone asks the same questions 8 million times? So they're "newbies", so they didn't take the time to read through all the previous posts, so what. If you take time out of your life to read these questions then obviously you want to help people with their questions. I mean you wouldn't want to answer these questions just to prove you have a superior intellect... would you?

-- Mike Poulton (mtpoulton@yahoo.com), February 13, 2001


Thank you. Newbies are welcome here I hope. We all love the show. Cut 'em some slack.

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), February 13, 2001.

Well, it does get annoying when someone posts the same suggestion that was just made two posts below, and then three posts below that.

It would help if newbies would read the FAQ, but unfortunatly there isn't an obvious way for them to find out about it. It would be nice if at the top of the board it said "PLEASE READ THIS FAQ (link) BEFORE POSTING FOR THE FIRST TIME." But I'm not sure if Mr. Bell has any control over that.

-- Eric (earsjohnson@usa.net), February 13, 2001.

It's not that people are pissed. They're just annoyed. Just learn to research a little instead of just blurting out the same ideas. When you have an idea....check the "New Challenge Idea section....Then scroll down and see if there is any thing similar. I guess we could not answer your post....but then you would wonder why nobody likes your idea.

-- Frank (frankfurter55@hotmail.com), February 13, 2001.

If you are going to post on this board, it would make sense to read it first. Or are these people afraid that if they take the time to read the board first they may forget what they were going to post? I'll remind you......HELICOPTER!!!!!!!!!

-- www.geocities.com/kablamotheclown (kablamotheclown@yahoo.com), February 15, 2001.

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