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Hello All, I am new to LF photography and I have recently made contact with someone who is selling a Toyo Robos (in good condition). Has anyone out there had any experience with this Toyo model?? I was told it was discontinued back in '95-'96. What did these originally go for new and how good is this model? I read the specs from an old catalog and found the specs to offer a lot for a camera. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks to all. Bernard

-- Bernard R. Negrin (, February 13, 2001


ROBOS stands for Radically Oriented Bi-Axial Operating System. This is an impressive camera, which looks something like a Sinar P2. Consulting an old Shutterbug (1/96), it sold for $4295 in the US (vs. $3115 for the 45GX), but keep in mind that US prices of Toyo gear are artificially inflated by Mamiya America Corp.

The Robos was still a current model in Japan in 10/97, and a pricelist I have shows it listed there for 406,000 yen (vs. 366,000 yen for the 45GX). Street prices were at least 20 percent lower, as I recall.

I think it would make a great studio camera, but at 12 pounds would be a bit heavy for field work...

-- Stewart Ethier (, February 13, 2001.

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