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Here's an example of poor jounalism. The author
kept the real story from leaking through. I'm glad
she didn't interview me ::::-


-- spider (spider0@usa.net), February 13, 2001


Spider, I could not resist responding to this scribe because of the poor bit of writing that she produced. Because of time constraints, I just used one example. This is my email response to her:

Your definition of paranoia, "But paranoia isn't just about fear; it's the feeling that you have special knowledge that others don't share."

The Oxford English Reference Dictionary (1996 Edition) states 1. a mental disorder esp. characterized by by delusions of persecution and self-importance. 2 an abnormal tendency to suspect and mistrust others.

I do not find, "it's the feeling that you have special knowledge that others don't share," in the Oxford Dictionary definition. Furthermore the defination states this a mental disorder, which would mean the disorder has something to do with reasoning (however distorted) and nothing to do with "feelings." Since the keywords "feelings" and reasoning are not the same, your definition cannot be a logical extension of the dictionary definition.

What is your purpose in twisting the definition, to prove your point? I would think a writer would hold to an acceptable standard of definition, but I suppose any standard is to much to ask in this world of relativistic thought.

Very Respectfully, Phillip Maley

-- Phil Maley (maley@cnw.com), February 13, 2001.

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