Hill climbing motorcycle

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How about challanging the teams to race straight up a steep hill on motorcycles. Actually they wouldn't race but would strive to ascend the highest up the hill. Each team could have three tries to set the highest mark.

Jeremy Morse

-- Jeremy C. Morse (jeremymorse1@yahoo.com), February 13, 2001


American Rules or European Rules? Americans count the highest point attained, while the Euros count where you actually end up. (You could be a foot from the top, fall over and slide back to the bottom- that's where you end up.) Woof. I think the producer's insurance agent would go ballistic over this one, due to the required horsepower and speed. A trials bike, on the other hand . . . . .

-- Chip Haynes (ehaynes@co.pinellas.fl.us), March 19, 2001.

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