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I have an idea for the show that you could do. My idea is to have the teams build and race single seater formula racers, like formula ford. You could then race the cars at a track like Brands Hatch or Silverstone (Brands is better though). The cars would probably look something like really bad formula ford racers but it would be great racing. You could try and get a tie in with the British Grand Prix too. Also you could try and get someone like Eddie Jordan as the judge because he knows everything about racing from building cars to racing them to runing a formula one team. Finally just make it so the cars are single seaters and open wheelers not like enclosed saloon ca

-- Brendan Tierney (, February 13, 2001


Open Wheel cars on a stock car track. Paved or dirt. Neat idea.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, February 13, 2001.

As an american SCCA Foumla Ford builder/driver I think this is a neat idea, but open wheeled formula cars are not for the faint of heart. I don't think their insurance would cover untrained drivers racing wheel to wheel in cars without fenders. I only takes one tangle to send you into orbit.

-- John Ross (, February 13, 2001.

Neither are dragsters and they've done it twice.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, February 16, 2001.

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