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Well I hope this is a new idea, because all the others I thought of have been used on shows I haven't seen yet. My idea is based off a few previous episodes. First the main challenge is the teams have to build some sort of vehicle (4, 3 wheel, tank track, whatever) that is powered mainly by the team members. Catch is you can't just push the vehicle, attach a bunch of bike pedals together, or pull a Fred Flintstone. They could use bike pedals as long as they weren't moved by their feet, but say hand and arms. Another way would be a rowing motion, or some sort of pumping like the old man powered railroad car things. They could use compressors or similar devices to help them as long as they powered that device. Once the machines are built the teams would compete in a race. The race would not just be a whose the fastest however. Instead it would be an off road obstacle course like on other episodes: manuver tight corners; climb grades; pass over a series of bumps, potholes, etc; blast through a haybale wall; mud pit; maybe even make the vehicles amphibious and cross a pond. Any obstacle that the teams can't pass could be bypassed with a time penalty. At the end of the course the team with the fastest time after all penalties are added wins. If for some reason one or both teams vehicles breaks, or gets stuck the team who made it farthest wins. Another added challenge to this would be to either have an object they must pick up and carry on the vehicle to the finish, or an object they must tow to the finish.

-- James R. Feira (, February 12, 2001



-- Fred Lyons (, February 13, 2001.

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