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Heres the deal, I absolutly look forward to watching the show week in and week out. But lately the shows have stunk. First off bring the british lady and the british guy back together. This US host stuff isnt quite cutting it. Second show more of the building and not so much talking and annalisis. Third lets see the teams build an electric car and race it , each team member driving a circuit. And fourth get rid of the American host he stinks.

-- James Lawrence McCabe (jlmccabe@gte.net), February 12, 2001


Yes, yes, yes, finally someone else. I thought it was just me, figured society was that twisted as to actually enjoy the new format. They have all ,but ruined the show with the new host and format and lack of originality. All new shows are basically repeats of past challenges. Well let's just hope someone does something before the show loses all the viewers that made it popular.

-- Tom Rogers (nephrite@prodigy.net), February 12, 2001.

I agree... this american host stinks. The new format has lost all the spark that used to be there. Haveing the same team on week after week is old. The best part was seeing the new teams and what they do and where they were from. I love that British lady Host she was so much fun. It was fine the way it was... SO LEAVE IT ALONE. As they say, IF ITS NOT BROKE, DONT FIX IT!!!

-- Fred Lyons (JoFred99@hotmail.com), February 13, 2001.

I have a saying.....It aint Broke....so stop your whining. If you were a true fan and if you'd take the time to read some posts...you'd see.....what they are airing right now is the original...first season of Scrapheap wars. you know....reruns...while they get ready for the new season. Robert and Cathy still Host Scrap heap...so if you don't like Junkyward wars with George and Cathy....stop watching it....and wait for the new season of Scrapheap wars to air.

-- JunkMan (r1ddller@juno.com), February 13, 2001.

And why in the hell should anyone listen to you Fred. I guess you could make a better show. Enjoy what you like about the show and if you don't like anything.....Stop watching....It's simple!

-- Frank (frankfurter55@hotmail.com), February 13, 2001.

I liked the old British host, too. No offense to the new guy, he's a good host but nothing compared to the old hosts. It would have been suicide to remove the lady, so they made a good choice there. And what's wrong with some of the old British teams? I liked the Bodgers and many other British teams. Let's mix American teams and British teams, nothing like a good international rivalry (Junkolympics, anyone). I think this would be VERY entertaining, don't you? Well? DON'T YOU!?

-- John No Way Am I Telling You The Rest (AJJOHN@PEOPLEPC.COM), February 14, 2001.

yes we want the origial host back to we miss kathy as co host,she does bring a certain class to the junk yard and it was evedent she had a certin knwolge about things, she understands how things work, so staightin up now

-- george pond (george-amy@worldnet.att.net), February 22, 2001.

George Gray the American is sexist, grating and unfunny. I have nothing to threaten you with, since I admit I'll even endure George and still watch the show, but I'd truly appreciate it if you could either bring back Robert or at least find someone better than George. Robert alone is good, Cathy and Robert were fabulous. Ther must be 50,000 people who would be at least mediocre, meaning they would still be better than George.

-- Jayne Ayre (airprof2000@yahoo.com), February 23, 2001.

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