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Heres the deal, i absolutly look forward to watching the show week in and week out. but lately the shows have stunk. first off bring the british lady and the british guy back together. this one host stuff isnt quite cutting it. second show more of the building and not so much talking and annalisis. third get some new ideas. i was thinking some kind of vehical that could destroy something kind of like the earlier shows when the one team built the muncher. also it would be cool for the subs again i like that show a lot. also i was thinking about something new when i saw the tug-a-war. how bout you have to build some kind tank that shoots paintballs or tenis balls and both teams go head to head trying to knock a bucket or some point either off the top of the tank or maybe the fort where you could have the other members defending with paitball guns. its possible and it could be done. you can go places and do this for real actually so if you wanted to show viewers a indepth view of it you can

-- Jonathan Raduenz (, February 12, 2001


The last few shows you are seeing are the very first shows that were aired. They are in the process of creating new shows and are showing all the old ones until the new ones are finished. These shows don't have Cathy in them because she was still behind the scenes at this point. But we will have to re- explain this in about another two weeks when a new bunch of people who don't read thru the previous posts come along and ask more Dumb Questions......Sorry, it just gets kind of old re- explaining this shi_!

-- John Gap (, February 13, 2001.

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