Spring Motor Cars for Distance

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4 wheeled cars powered by some sort of spring motor for distance. Just a note too often in the challanges you blow the coverage ,You caint see what is going on,ie Land Sailboat contest was poor, Catapult action was choppy.Also if there is a very necessary part like remote controlls or servos give both teams identical parts.I am not so interested in the scavenger part of the contest but the refinement of the ideas and the full execution and contest. I'd like it bit better to see full idea development and more footage of the contest then catty uneducated ho hum comments by the narrators. I think the show is better when its a team effort rather than one expert coming in and being heavy handed.Like in the Catapult Competiton it wasn't necessay that there were two different kinds of Catapults two diffrent kind of springs with similar machines would have been fine.I think the audience is alot more forgiving the ideas just didnt pan out in 10 hours so we gave both teams an addditional 1/2 day but then cover it.Its not like a 1/4 million dollars is riding on the contest.

-- Lee Stevens (leestevens@iwon.com), February 12, 2001


I agree about the anoying jokes and lame challenge. And the show should give them the radio equiptment. But I think they shouldn't give teams more than 10 hours.

-- John Doe (jmoey99@yahoo.com), February 14, 2001.

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