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Ha ha! Made you look!

Hey, if you're so sick of this topic why'd you click on it???

-- Blue (, February 12, 2001


Because I wanted to see who said it so I could tell them they suck! ha ha made you look!

-- John gap (, February 12, 2001.

I came for the same reason. George is funny!

-- Viper Rex (, February 12, 2001.

OK, you got me. I was coming in to bitch that all this moaning about George has to end. LEAVE THE GUY ALONE!

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (, February 16, 2001.

We love the American show and both Cathy and GEORGE. Have the hosts been decided for next season?

-- Brent and Nancy (, February 20, 2001.

Okay, I think George is really funny and very good looking. as I live in the UK, does anyone know of a good web page for him, cos I can't find one!

-- Lou Paynter (, February 21, 2001.

I much rather see the Robert from the UK then George. George is rather flat. Robert has spunk.

-- Patricia A Munoz (, February 21, 2001.

Bet yer flat too!

-- Roger (, February 21, 2001.

I suspect George and his friends are behind these messages (maybe George's mother too...unless she has taste) because no one else would prefer George. Did it occur to anyone that Mr. Gong Show might not be a good fit with gearheads? Maybe I'm projecting, but it seems like Cathy gets as annoyed with George as I do. If he says "howdy" or calls me his "little junyard doggies" again I will vomit. Robert called contestants "my little tinheads" BECAUSE THEY WERE WEARING METAL HELMETS, so it was funny. George can't even be funny when he is ripping off Robert.

-- Jayne Ayre (, February 23, 2001.

Oh, it's Jayne Ayre, Robert's Mom.....

-- John gap (, February 24, 2001.

Nope, just a big fan of Junkyard Wars who truly misses Robert. I admit, I took Robert for granted until they brought in crass Mr. Gong Show scrap-for-brains...

-- Jayne Ayre (, February 25, 2001.


Is that you?

-- Mr Sue (, February 26, 2001.

Ohhhh....Tinheads....Ha! that is good.................Not!!!

-- John Gap (, February 26, 2001.

i came here because i think that the george i sit next to in class sucks dick!!!!!!!!

-- Kristen Wiel (, April 23, 2002.

do you suck cock? ha ha made you look!

-- joe bert (, November 11, 2002.

I think you all suck dick in Weil's class. Kiss my ass you fuckin fucks. I rule you. I will shit down your necks and and wait for you to shit and in turn eat that shit so to shit out shit that you have once eaten so I can make you eat the shit that you have once shitted. I will make all you pay. I am the CLIT commander!

-- George Argiris (, January 03, 2003.

I know George Argiris and I think he's dreamy.

-- Hugh G. Rection (Hugh G., January 03, 2003.

The Cleveland Browns suck. That 's all I had to say

-- bloke (, January 03, 2003.

I think if everyone played MORE chess on their palm pilots the world would be a lot less sucky.

-- BigFatTrekkieGeek (, January 03, 2003.

Hocking into the urinal is bad enough, farting is worse. But i bet that suckwad probably snapped one off on the toilet seat in the big stall, and that is completely gross.

-- BigFatTrekkieGeek (, January 03, 2003.

Oh i thought this was a porn site

-- Alice (, April 07, 2003.

George Rocks. But he almost beat me up the other night, after I boxed his ear. And one night, one of my homosexual friends tried to steal a bottle of cognac ... and ole George was pretty much gonna kill him, too. Good thing the bouncers came. Then there was the night when the night doorman cam a hootin' and a holler' at George. They commenced to Kung Fu fightin.

Whatever ya do, don't try to buy George one of them fancy drinks called a Car Bomb. I tried to do that one time, and George Stuck his thumb in my eye!!!

George is my friend. He is not violent.

-- Peter Panda (, January 30, 2004.

carlos sucks

-- carlos sucks (, February 29, 2004.

My name is really George Argiris...This is not my website. I'm pretty sure that the guy who put up this website is a geek. As for me...I drive an M3, I'm 170 lbs ripped (happy to send a pic or establish a video confrence) Athletic as hell. 4.0 GPA in College. My sense of humor has driven women away from their long term boyfrineds. Need I say more...

-- George Argiris (, August 30, 2004.

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