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I sleeptalk most nights, about 1-1.5hrs into my sleep. I sit up and talk to my partner or to someone that is not even there. I also point things out that apparantley aren't there. I have been to a see a doctor and a psychiatrist. I make sure I relax before going to bed in case that was the cause. Would could be causing this. Im desperate!

-- Natalie Bull (, February 12, 2001


Natlie, I don't sleeptalk, but my husband does. He will sit up in bed, sometimes with eyes open looking at me. I have a hard time trying to determine that he IS asleep. Sometimes he will raise his arms straight up into the air. Most of the time he just talks. It's usually just a few words. Sometimes I can understand what he says, sometimes it's just mumbling to me. There are times that I can ask questions and he will answer me. I will ask him the next day about his talking, but he dosen't remember a thing. Most of the time he's talking about work, or something that happened that day. I have thought that he is reliving his day, because the things that he says have to do with any normal day.

-- Joyce Prock (, April 17, 2001.

My husband and son both sleeptalk. My son is only 3 and has sleeptalked or the such, I think since birth. He would cry to be fed but was never awake. Now he sleeptalks quite often, and sometimes I think he sleepwalks too. But my husband has done the same thing before, sat bolt upright in bed said something about his Aunt and then lay back down, like nothing had happened. most times he is unintelligable, but will answer sometimes if you ask him something. Although the answer tends to be unintelligable as well. My son on the other hand is very clear when he says something, well as far as I know maybe I don't hear it when he's not. As long as you ask him something right after he says something he will answer and can keep up somewhat of a conversation if you keep asking him questions. My husband isn't bothered by it at all, I have no idea what causes it, but I do find it quite interesting, and funny at times. It's cute when this little person who can hardly talk as it is, talks in their sleep. Just last night, which is what sparked me to look this up, the little one was telling his 1 year old sister to "Look out Bieanne (her name is Brieanne, that is how it sounds)dangers." Then proceeded to point out the sun to me, on my head board. LOL

-- Andrea Clifford (, October 20, 2001.

This has nothing to do with your question i just thought it was interesting we share the same name as i thought it was a very uncommon name. Im 21 yrs live in NSW, Australia CYA

-- Natalie Bull (, May 27, 2002.

sleep talkng

what i realy want to know is what did the doctor and psychiatrist say was causing it? i am a serious sleep talker, every night and very loud. i've been told that i sometimes have conversations and also laugh out loud. i've heard that it is mostly due to having an active mind, which i do understand as i am studying and often go to sleep not worrying but just thinkng about the work i'm doing. this is getting beyond a joke for me as its very embarrasing and scaring my i'd love to find a way to stop chatting in my sleep.

-- andrew mills (, May 30, 2002.

I'm a sleep talker to and it's ruining my relationship with my boyfriend. He won't tell me what I say so I can't defend myself. I'm desperate! Please help if you have found a remedy. Thanks.

-- Tracy Hynes (, July 19, 2002.

My husband has heard me sleeptalk sometimes and said that I speak in some type of unintelligible language or maybe piglatin. He says I talk away like I know what I'm saying and it scares him. Anyone else talk like this in their sleep?

-- Angie Ragsdale (, November 01, 2002.

My girlfriend does this as well, which is what prompted today's search and led me to this page. Last night I woke up to her, as the last person posting described, talking quite quickly and fluently complete gibberish, the audio equivalent of "akjsajrmnaororennamweqakfkfjqnw." She's usually at her worst while falling asleep, speaking and answering questions quite coherently and then just snaps and says something completely unrelated. Normally I'll just get woken up with her mumbling something semi-intelligible and will fall back asleep, but on one occasion she woke up demanding to know 'where the papers were, the papers with the list of' something or other, papers that obviously didn't exist. I tried to shrug it off but she got quite belligerant and repeatedly asked me several times, even after I told her there were no such papers and that she was talking about nothing.

All she remembered in the morning was that 'I had yelled at her.'

Anyway, no clue on a treatments or causes, I don't see it as that severe of a problem for us, it only seems to be stressful for the one not doing the talking (I always get nervous like 'what if she goes into this state and never breaks out and stays dissociated all the time now?').. just nice to hear other peoples' experiences..

-- Brandon (, December 20, 2002.

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