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I was wondering, in the story of The Sphinx, he's talking about a creature, in the back, but his friend can't see it. I was wondering, when his friend at the end of the story said its about 4 inches tall, and about 6 cm away from his pupil, was he it a type of interpretation, like if you look at something for the first time, it looks weird but if you look at it again it looks like something different. Well i got an oral report on it tuesday, and i was wondering if 4 themes of the book is suspense, fear, insanity, and something else but i can't think of it right, now, any info on this story would be appreciated.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2001


actually, his friend says that the creature is a sixteenth of an inch tall, and a sixteenth of an inch away from his eyes. Shortly before, his friend had looked up the creature in the book and proclamed that it was from the insect family. The creature was a simply a spider, which looked terrifying to him because it was so close to his eye.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2003

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