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Well, you wanted nonsense so here it is: I'm really bored and it's sunday afternoon and I'm listening to the beatles. I'm playing my guitar and listening to the beatles, and I'm trying to think of something nonsensical to say..... did you ever notice that two of the beatles were left handed? Ringo and Paul were left handed.... George Harrison looks like casey affleck-- I wonder if casey affleck can play the guitar like george harrison... I wonder if george harrison can be a movie star like casey affleck.... Have you ever worn sandals in the snow? It feels like your feet are on fire..... it's really cold, and yet it's like, burning.... I wonder if casey is wearing sandals in the snow right now.... So, I'm playing my guitar, and I'm listening to the beatles, and I'm watching Desert Blue on mute- why does casey always play the loveable freaks? I would like casey to play a studmuffin some day... my grandma uses the term studmuffin- I wonder if casey's grandma uses the term studmuffin-okay, I'm bored with being foolish. Sorry vicki, hope this was silly enough for ya.

-- dramaqueenie (, February 11, 2001

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