i need breads in different cultures!

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I need a list of different breads that stem from different cultures and countries. can you help? this is GCSE coursework so hurry up! Thankyou!

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2001


I love playing with Bread recipes from different cultures. One of my favorite sources (i.e. very clear step by step directions!) is Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads. You will find LOTS of breads from around the world. You wanted a list, so here goes! There are actually more than what I have down here, but This is a mighty good start! P.S. What is GCSE??!!! Pain de Campagne (Country Bread from France) Pain Ordinaire Careme (A Daily Loaf from France) Pain Italien Schiacciata California Sour Dough Pumpernickel Julekage (Danish Christmas bread) Challah (Jewish) Hoska (Czechoslovakian) (Now that there is no more Czechoslvakia, I wonder where this bread is from !!) Kulich (Russian Easter Bread) Sugarplum (English) Gugelhupf (France) Panettone (Italian) Stolle De Noel (Christmas Stollen - Germany) Choreki (Greece) Anise Kuchen (Germany) Christopsomo (Greece) Makos es Dios Kalacs (Hungerian Christmas Bread) Kolach (Serbian) Bara Brith (Speckled Bread - Wales) Galette De GAnnat - France) Pfeffernuss Brot (Germany) Pain Nord Africain Au Coriandre (Africa) Cardamom (Sweden) Hana (Hawaii) Selkirk Bannock (Scotland) Steamed Buns filled with Char Siu (China) Gipfelteig (Switzerland) Ka'Achei Sumsun - Syria Bialys (Poland) Kaiser (Austria) Ausytes (Lithuania) Scones (Scotland) Pogacsa (Hungary) Sopaipillas (Mexico) Oliebollen (Holland) Biscotakia (Greece)

So there! I hope that helps you out!

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2001

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