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Pat, I should have kept my opinion to myself. YesAs I stated in the other thread, I'm sorry I made it public Like hell you are, and you are using this opportunity to repeat what you said but I still have that opinion.And you still think you need to give your opinion, even when it is not appropriate, because it is YOUR opinion after all and THAT is the most important thing to you isn't it? I would tell my friend the same thing, if I thought she was making a mistake. Perhaps you should stick to giving your friends your opinions, and stop giving them to everyone else. Too bad your so called friends, Peg and Anita, didn't tell you. Oh, so now you are perfectly correct in those opinions and presume to question Patricia's actual friends' lack of "friendship" for not telling her YOUR opinion? As if by it being yours it is correct and they should give it to her even though it is not their opinion? But I had noticed that this very kind and generous person phoney psychology-give a compliment to make the insult look sincere, and show the divide between what you claim she was to what you claim she is now, it does not work on rational moral thinking people who are not as stuck on the high opinion of you that you yourself are. *smirk* has becoming has become or is becoming -my spelling isn't so great, but I can keep my tenses strait more and more bitter in her posts. Geez you can take a hint, but you evidently STILL need to have it spelled out for you to understand it. I concluded YOU CONCLUDED don't flatter yourself, you are not some all knowing, all seeing little goddess that this man of your "dreams" was influencing this type of behavior in you. judging Patricia's actions by the only example you know, yourself? So you are saying that Patricia having a strong opinion about something you do not agree with is due to the fact that she is so emotionally insecure that she would abandon her own thoughts and beliefs and change them to what he believes just because she loves him? That for some reason which you are not making clear at all, she does not have the ability to think and reason on her own and is now required to think what he thinks and reason and use his logic over her own. Are you stating he demands she allow him to do her thinking for her, to dictate her thoughts and opinions?

This speaks volumes about how YOU think and how your mind works, it explains why you cannot come up with any arguments on your own but parrot the words of anti Clinton/Gore and pro Bush media. This is a good example of judging the actions of another by that which you, yourself act.

I can picture you in a small crowd of people, discussing politics, you speak loudly and constantly, seldom allowing someone else to get a word in, and when they do, you are tapping your toe, not listening to their words but thinking of what you will say next, as soon as you can force your way back into the center of attention. Totally ignorant of the eyes rolling and smirks being given in your direction. You have a lot to say, after all you have picked up some "good ones" from the media and have repeated them so many times you don't even have to think about what you are going to say. Of course there isn't an original thought from your own mind in the bunch, that would entail opening up your mind enough to think and reason which could cause you discomfort if in doing so logic dictated you were incorrect. But why bother, you have enough quips and clichés to choke a horse. And you could not possibly be wrong, your ego demands you must be right, after all you not only know everything, but know everything about everything.
Assuming you assume something, that boils down to fact for you too, it is so easy to put things (or people) in little boxes with labels so all you have to do is stick a person in a box and the label on the box tells you all you need to know about them.
Take it as you like, the gum under your shoe.
And others will take you as you show yourself, like the dog shit under your shoe, which smells the same as your pseudo apology.

Next we get your Jerry Springer guest persona;

Anita, you ignorant slut. You call her ignorant? And define slut here.... is that part of your moral republican conservative behavior? Is this what we are to expect from the party in power when they disagree with us, personal slander? Or are you defining Anita's character?
You seem to have a definite problem with women who appear to be sexually active and satisfied. Do you have a little problem with being frigid? Is that why you resent the females who have enough confidence in their sexuality that they feel free to address it publicly?
I think There you go thinking again, as if you actually believe anyone considers what you think of any importance. you lack so many qualities where do I begin? please do us a favor and don't even start. First, damn, you started anyway you are full of yourself. Why does it piss you off when a woman is confident in herself? Jealousy? Envy?

That post on "many women hate me because I had an easy childbirth" was just one example. Geeze get over yourself! That is normal social interplay between people who have gone through similar experiences, I probably would have told her I hated her for it if I had had the chance, after all, who wouldn't want to have easy labor and delivery instead of having your insides ripped out systematically over and over for hours, or as in my case, getting cut open across the belly with the anesthetic only working on one side. This is normal~sorry you cannot comprehend normal social interaction between females.... Women don't HATE you. Well, DUH!!! You do, but then you did say "women" though didn't you, so that didn't include you anyway. *smirk*
I couldn't believe you would think it, But of course you couldn't believe it, so it is just impossible, deary, you must be mistaken Anita.... let alone say it, let alone write it down for all eternity (or til the storage ran out(with a big toothed cheesy, knowing smile)). etc,etc, infinitely etc....*GROK*
I never heard any woman say anything close to that in any of my Lamaze classes. Well there you go!!! it must be absolutely true then that no woman has ever said that to another woman! And Anita is lying through her teeth!!! She just goes around telling EVERYONE not to hate her because she is so beautiful, although not one woman has EVER resented her for her looks, no man or woman has ever assumed she was brainless and used her good looks to get whatever she wanted instead of earning what she recieves.
You reminded me of that stupid advertisement, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

BLINK ..BLINK.. DAMN BUT YOU ARE TRANSPARENT! You are the epitome of what I dislike in typical phony "social", non-ferminist women. If Anita has ever had to say "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" she probably had a pretty damn good reason for it. Too many superficial women hate beautiful women, just for being beautiful, for the same reasons some men are attracted to beautiful women and think the woman should be with them just because they want her. I've seen it many times, the pure hatred superficial women have over the looks of others. As if it is a personal affront to them. It exists, and it is real. But then Marie, you couldn't admit to being so shallow now could you? And since you have obviously never had that kind of problem, it does not exist, couldn't be any other reason it hasn't happened to you now could it? And I'll bet you're not prejudiced either are you? Some of your best friends are probably colored and I bet you even worked with one or two negro's in your day and they worked hard and did a good job, so if they can do it why can't all those people get their asses off of welfare and stop selling drugs and do it too? How very white of you! You parrot the party line on everything else, why stop at dictating the actions
for some hair color or other "feminine" product. Hair coloring as a "feminine" product? Or is that how YOU use it?

Now we get down to the really serious stuff, where you show your unique reasoning power and unquestionable superiority~~~~And a distinct similarity to Laura Lady Logic's personality. This is where you take what another says and put your own spin on it, twisting it around and manipulating it into what you want it to the audience to "see".

First you repeat what she had written, then you challenge the relevance of the question, next you avoid the question and end up telling the viewer how much better you are in the subject although it has nothing whatsoever to do with why she asked the question. Which of course you know full well, but this is where you manipulate the entire post into a subject she, you and I discussed..what?? a year ago? which has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this thread. But it does allow you the opportunity to show your audience your supposed superiority over her, at the same time allowing you to insult and belittle her. You finish up the paragraph by putting words in her mouth and insinuating she has the attitude that she believes her opinion is always right, period.
As I said, this shows a LOT about you and your attitudes and beliefs, you are description of her comes from your knowledge of yourself. God, you're boring, so pathetically common in your pettiness, and your way of twisting and manipulating what is said mixed with what has not been said, which you manage to insert anyway, is exactly what many of us find so disgusting with GWBush and the group who bullied him into office. You all use the same methods of manipulating "facts". You like to make statements as if by the mear stating of them they will become reality. Such as when they put Bush on TV accepting the office of president before it had been determined that he had legally won, causing the masses in their ignorance to believe he had been elected. This was done strictly as a method of manipulating the thinking of the American people. Unfortunately this country has gotten so lazy that large portions do not bother to think for themselves and sucked it up as fact when all it was was a form of mob mentality manipulation. Something the CIA is well known for doing. Just like the lie that Gore said he invented the internet. You claimed that piece of bullshit a few times yourself, never bothering to listen to the reports that told the truth that it was a reporter who had stated it, not Gore. Yet it continued to be repeated by Bush and his people when they knew it was a lie. Yes, they knowingly lied, over and over and like the doomers with a Paula Gorden "report", the repugs and Bush followers closed their minds to the facts and continued to perpetrate the lie. Exactly the same way you have done here, you tell your little opinion and "spin" it as if it were fact. Fortunately there are a lot more of us out here that do our own thinking and see you and your kind for what you really are. A bunch of phonies. And all this hatred you show for others, from Clinton to Anita and Patricia? It is nothing more than a symbol of your own self hatred. You are barely worth the bother to explain, except you are getting louder and more obnoxious every day. It's women like you that cause me to be insulted to be called a "typical" female. You, like Lady Logic, pretend friendship to gather personal information about someone else and later use it, usually publicly, to try to belittle them. You feel so little about your own person that you need to put someone else down to build yourself up.

Then you ask me how long ago I was in the military. What difference would it make? Ten, twenty, thirty, who cares? I still have more experience than you in military matters. But of course, you know better. You KNOW that society has changed since I was in. You KNOW that women should be in combat because… well, you know… and I don't. You who wouldn't recognize a mission if it bit you on the arse. What bullshit you tried to impose. Oh and my opinion doesn't count. Yours of course does.

Then you ask about my changing jobs "again". What does that mean? You didn't have a job for over two years. You still don't have a job. I was working Y2K. And since you know everything, then you know that on 1/1/00, Y2K jobs go away. BTW, I have never been unemployed, unlike you.

This is an analogy? Nope, just a bunch of garbage intended to distort what others have said. And it ain't even "cute". *yawn* And finally let me make a Wild Wild West analogy. Pat comes blasting into the saloon, a gun in each hand. She asks "why don't you chicken liver yellow bellies tell my why the chicken crossed the road?" As people try to answer the question, she fires off rounds. Doc, backs her up with a shout, "you chicken memes, why can't you think for yourselves?" Maria had enough, she raises her shotgun and with Pat in the crosshairs, shoots. Hearing Pat's cries, Anita comes to the rescue, fists raised, bemoaning, "I left this saloon because you're so mean, Maria". The sheriff wants to hear from the witnesses before making an arrest.

Oh poor littel Maria, is be called a meanie, it's soo bad the "law" has to come in and decide the truth. Or should we say you are "trying" the the truth about you being a "meanie" in the court of public opinion?
You are such a joke.

-- Cherri (jessam5@home.com), February 11, 2001


Hi Cherri, did you get lost? :-§

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), February 11, 2001.

*grin* No, I just needed to post this somewhere to check the html before I posted it to unck's board.

-- Cherri (jessam5@home.com), February 11, 2001.

Here's where to do that.

HTML test forum

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), February 11, 2001.

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