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To all Konica users,

I am sure you are aware of by now (I hope) that the Photography Blue Book has: Konica information, prices, discriptions, photos, Full on-line Konica manuals ++ and even supported by Konica too (whew).

Well, I have been working (and will continue to do so) on getting as much updated information on Konica up there as I can. I have added:

More Manuals, Accessory Guides and printed Konica Stuff. More Photos More Discriptions More Prices (from both 1977 and 1988 now) as well as 2000 prices. New Collectors Notes New Interesting Facts

and the best part... for each and EVERY lens!

As of: Feb, 10 sections: 15mm f2.8 UC to 50mm f1.8 are complete. Working on the other ones now.

Here is the address: Photography Blue Book web site. Server #1 Photography Blue Book web site. Server #2

Have fun, and long live Konica SLR's.. Oh, if you are working at Konica (anywhere) and reading this, please produce another Konica SLR (pref. that can use exisiting K/AR mount lenses), or let me know any rumors you may of heard too.

Mike LePard The Photography Blue Book web site Konica collector too. :)

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

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