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I am trying to find out if anyone has successfully used Kato's automatic three color signal lights with an MRC DCC system (or any other DCC unit). When power is supplied to the signal unit without the DCC unit being activated the signal light is green. However when the DCC unit is turned on, the signal light immediately switch over from green to red (contrary to how the signal is suppose to operate). Any guidance would be appreciated.

-- Paul Schlitt (, February 10, 2001



I'm not familar with this product, but if it was designed for standard DC and runs directly off the track, it's not going to work with any DCC system WITHOUT being hooked to a stationary address decoder or other DCC signalling system.

Since I'm not familar with this product, if someone has better info, go with their answer.

-- Allan Gartner (, February 10, 2001.

The Kato web page ( specifically states that their automatic signal is not for use w/DCC. Bummer.

-- Clark Overman (, March 09, 2002.

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