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This is a general comment, but it's especially for the anonymous writer who warned us all not to deal with "cyberbooger" because he was making a profit on new Konica parts on eBay: What's the difference between making a profit on used parts at auction and new parts at auction? Both depend on you knowing more about the value of what you're selling than the buyer knows; so where's the problem? No, I'm not "cyberbooger", but I've bought several things from him and found him to be honest and reliable. He's in business to make some money, and if that means that he profits from your ignorance about buying direct from Konica---well, that's life, isn't it? And nobody likes or respects "anonymous" attacks or attackers, by the way. If you're not willing to sign your name, you shouldn't say anything at all.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001


Reselling new Konica parts on eBay

Bill, I'll SECOND that! If price is NO CONCERN you'll go the easy route and "pay the freight", but if you're willing to ask the right ?'s and "dig in your heels" you'll get what you want at the price you can afford. Dave

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001

Blowing in the wind. I choose not to be scammed, thank you.

Not sure who you are since you didn't sign your name. But I can see the anaonymous' (sp?) side of things more than I can your side (sorry).

I bid on a lot of cyberbooger's stuff at eBay, but ofcourse when it goes over the fair market value (marketing term), I stop. I'm personally not into paying a lot (double, triple or more) of what an item is worth.

I was always wondered why people would overly spend money on something they can get a lot cheaper elsewhere and this was told to me:

"People have the right to be stupid, and to exercise that right."

Me, I perfer to be an educated buyer and when I sell things ( auctions) I put a TOP limit (or BUY NOW PRICE) on items so they don't go sky high, AND the buyer NEVER spends "way too much" on an item either. That's just me, and that is my morals.

I personally know where to get and how much to spend on parts/lenses/bodies etc, I better because I run The Photography Blue Book web site; but A LOT of people don't and they don't know until its too late, what about those people, do you care about them at all?

I can understand your point about being in business to make money. I have my own computer business for 12 years and have had a retail store for 2! But you know what, I'm REALLY REALLY PROUD to say I HAVE NEVER SCAMMED anyone and even if they wanted to "excercise their right to be stupid" I would either give them more of a deal or offer them a HIGH offer instead like Seller: "Would you give me $50 for this?" me: "No, but would you take $60?". Its funny when you do that because they are just shocked that you are not willing to rip them off. haha.

No, I'll stand behind what I post here and ACTUALLY sign my name (unlike yourself) and I'm only making a BIG deal about it because you flamed the other person about NOT signing and you DIDN'T sign either. Duh.

Mike LePard <--- See Photography Blue Book web site. Server #1 Photography Blue Book web site. Server #2 <-- This is my site, check it out and be an informed buyer.

P.S. Way to go Ananamous (can never spell that word), thanks for letting us know and "Fight Back, don't let anyone rip you off" Anyone remember that show? haha.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2001



What is haha?


-- Anonymous, February 12, 2001

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