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Anybody out there have some details to share concerning wildflowers in Arizona? I've read a few reports on usenet, but could use some more opinions as to where and how they're blooming, and how long they're expected to last. I'll be heading down for several days later this month, with the bonus of total flexibility as to when/where I go. TIA!

-- Todd Caudle (, February 09, 2001


Wild flowers are blooming now! We had abundant rainfall in October to start the whole germination process. Brittle bush are currently in bloom in the Tucson Mountains. With Lupine, just starting to bloom in the Tucson area. Currently, there are carpets of Mexican poppies blooming the Picacho area. The wild flower bloom is about a month ahead of schedule. According to experts, this will be considered a top 10 blooming season.

Brittle bush, Mexican poppies, lupine normally bloom in March. Palo verde in April. Saguaros, Organ pipes, chollas, prickly pears, ocotillo in May, June.

Hope this helps.....

-- Dave Hayes (, February 10, 2001.

I can't speak for the rest of the state but today, I was out shooting wildflowers at the Lost Dutchman State Park east of Phoenix. Alas, I think the desert poppies may have peaked already as most of them were closed and compared to when I shot there last Friday, they've started to be over-run by other plants. On the positive side, though, lupine have started blooming (they weren't last week) as well as the brittle brush and many other plants. I guess I will have to back next Friday as well since another photographer told me flowers are blooming up by Canyon Lake as well... :^)

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, February 10, 2001.

For the Tucson area (which is at a higher elevation than Phoenix), only the Brittle bush are blooming abundantly. The Poppies have yet to peak.

-- Dave Hayes (, February 11, 2001.

Dave is right, but "abundantly" is almost not strong enough. Some parts of the Rincon Mountains (east of Tucson, where the eastern part of Saguaro National Park is), look amost like they are covered with mounds of yellow foam. In 38 years here, I don't recall ever seeing the brittle bush look so impressive -- most years, they're really anemnic. There is still about 4 feet of snow at the ski area just north of Tucson, so we should have some good "wildflowers and waterfall" shots available for the next month. Todd, if you get the chance, you might want to check the area around Why, AZ,which is west of Tucson, near Organ Pipe National Monument. The poppies, lupine and some other red stuff I don't know the name of have been really impressive out there for several years now, and with all the fall and winter rains this year, I'd anticipate a great show.

-- Lyle Aldridge (, February 12, 2001.

Allow me to express a certain amount of jealousy. Up here in the Sedona area, while it is beginning to feel like spring to senses honed by fifteen years in Denver, there is precious little going on yet, the buds on the trees have just begun to swell and according to the morning news, we're looking at possibly three to six inches of SNOW today.

Of course, the red rocks here are in 'full bloom' - but then, they always are. :-)

-- Anthony J. Kohler (, February 13, 2001.

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